At Simply Relaxing, we offer a wide range of Holistic Therapies, from Reflexology, Hopi Ear Candles, therapeutic massage, Pregnancy Massage to Holistic Facials and Callous Heel Peel. We understand that ladies need longer opening hours to fit into their busy days, with parking just outside the salon, we hope that your treatment begins the moment you arrive. Bring your slippers and be ready to relax! We also offer a wide range of Gifts and gift vouchers for you to give as presents throughout the year or at Christmas.

Simply Relaxing enters its 26th year in 2021 and our treatment list just keeps getting longer and longer! We have recently welcomed Maternity Reflexology and  Reflexology for Lymph Drainage, both highly effective at helping you to feel at your best.  This year we see the arrival of two Helpmeorganics massage treatments, “help me, it’s way past my bedtime” and “help me, i’m feeling under the weather”, both highly effective treatments using the aromatherapy massage oil blends to enhance the effects for you.

In our Shop, we are very pleased and proud to introduce @helpmeorganics. An organic, vegan friendly, cruelty free range of natural soy wax candles infused with organic essential oils, witch hazel based room sprays, aromatherapy blends and massage oils. 2020 saw the arrival of Reed Diffusers and a wonderful range of Gifts.  You can read about them on  Keep an eye in our shop as more products and scent ranges will be launching this December.  Helpmeorganics has a seasonal range of soy candles and reed diffusers, each one designed to enhance the season scent.

Each month we have Special Offers to tempt you to try something new, you can read about them on our blog or via our Twitter and Facebook pages . For more information or to book an appointment please send me a message and I will get back to you within 24 hours

Who Am I?

My name is Linda, I love everything to do with plants, from gardening to using aromatherapy in my home and business, I am a committed organic gardener, do not believe in using chemicals, there is no need to use slug pellets as they kill hedgehogs, owls and lots of other animals.  Companion gardening using Natures own medicine cupboard is far more effective, yes some plants get eaten but most grow and that is fine by me!!

In 1993, I began my training to become a Holistic therapist, I was working as a Coach Driver in my Fathers business, Nova Scotia and went for an aromatherapy massage.  I enjoyed it so much I enrolled on a basic massage course at South Cheshire College and was hooked!

I went on to study Reflexology, Aromatherapy and Advanced Massage. I opened Simply Relaxing in 1995, fresh faced and very eager.  I welcomed Elemis into the salon and attended many courses with them including Hot Stone Massage, Facials and Bodywraps to name but a few.  In 1998 I was very lucky to have a daughter, Claire, this changed my whole out look on how I mixed my business and personal life.

Then in 2002, I decided to bring Simply Relaxing back to its roots as a Holistic Therapy Salon and began my search for Global therapies such as Mongolian, Tibetan, Indonesian and Japanese.

This year I have been in business for 26 years and have loved every moment. Being able to learn wonderful therapies like Reiki, Hopi Ear Candles and reflexology is truly wonderful.

I was able to specialise in Maternity treatments both massage and reflexology as I feel it is very important that everyone can enjoy a therapy safely. Last year  I learnt how to stimulate your natural lymphatic flow using Reflexology, this is great for fluid retention or repeated infections, your lymph needs to be pumped around your body using your breathing, exercise, massage or reflexology.

Being Organic is highly important, as we need to protect our soils and environment plus by using less harsh chemicals in our skin and bodycare products, we are less likely to have a reaction as they are very gentle, we now stock our own organic, vegan friendly, cruelty free products, @helpmeorganics  in the shop plus organic Goats milk soap and organic essential oils. All aromatherapy used in our massage treatments are 100% organic.

My appetite for Holistic therapy is as strong as ever, this year I begin my discovery of Mindfullness. I am very proud of Simply Relaxing and Helpmeorganics,  I am determined to keep learning new therapies so that I can help you feel relaxed and at your very best.