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Lymphatic Drainage Massage with Express Facial £55

Lift your mood, boost your immunity, relieve fluid retention and sculpt your body with our specialised massage using a unique blend of movements alongside our exquisite detoxifying protective oil blend.

We begin with a hot foot cleanse,  deep foot massage to unplug your body, and then reboot with a light body brush from head to toe which gets the circulation going and improves lymph drainage. Using organic unrefined oils of apricot kernel, jojoba, and grapeseed,  your body will relax whilst we work seamlessly to stimulate natural lymph drainage, smooth uneven skin, and release blockages. Your body will feel recharged and your emotions balanced.

This is the ideal treatment to prepare your immune system for the autumn and winter, we have added an express facial to replenish your complexion after summer.


Warm Bamboo Massage with Reflexology £55

This excellent massage uses Bamboo sticks of various lengths and diameters to roll, knead and relax your muscles. It is a deep tissue massage that relieves tense, sore muscles and delivers a deep state of relaxation and increased circulation. It is a full-body treatment that ends with a reflexology session to complete the treatment.

Benefits are;

  • Increases circulation due to more surface contact
  • More pressure can be evenly administered to the body
  • Pressure is effectively maintained for longer periods
  • More effective work can be done in a shorter amount of time
  • The warmth from the bamboo aids in relaxation
  • Delivers an incredible sensation of relaxation and calm
  • Reduces stress and fatigue
  • Stimulates blood circulation
  • Relieves muscular tension


Prescriptive Full Body Massage with an Express Facial £55

Your treatment commences with a hot mitt foot cleanse and light body brushing to activate your body and prepare it for the massage. We begin with Chakra Balancing, at times of stress, pressure or illness, your energy system can become out of balance and this will help to redress any imbalance. Once cocooned under warm towels, you will enjoy a Reflexology session, this is a brilliant diagnostic tool so that I know what aromatherapy and massage would be best for you. Once a blend of essential oils is mixed you will enjoy a full body massage chosen to fit your needs. Your journey ends with an express facial, then you are left to relax warm and snug ready to drift into a beautiful sleep.

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Hot Stone Massage with Reflexology £60

Harnessing the properties of the “Batu” stones from Bali, we bathe them in warm water, anoint them with the spicy aromas and place them on key points on the body to harmonise the spirit. Using a firm rhythmic massage to mimic the strong flow of water, the stones release their power and warmth to tired tense muscles. The penetration of heat and texture from the stones makes them perfect for therapeutic deep working massage to promote inner peace and harmony. We end this wonderful offer with a session of reflexology, this is a unique journey for the soul that achieves deep relaxation. The perfect way to unwind before Christmas.

Our Christmas Packages will be unveiled on the 30th September.