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SPRING AND SUMMER SPECIAL OFFER – ends 30th September 2022

Spring/Summer Special Offer: Available 1st May 2022 until 31.8.22

Malay Navel Candling & Abdominal Detox Massage with reflexology £60

Malay (Indonesian) Navel Candling & Abdomen Detox Therapy is an extremely effective treatment. This abdominal and navel therapy belongs to the oldest form of therapy within traditional Malay Medicine. The aim is to work the entire body by combining different manual techniques such as Urut (massage) , herbs (applied externally) to the abdomen, and navel candling in order to achieve a flow of Qi and blood along the meridians and organs and regulates them. By the help of this stimulation and regulation the functioning of the 4 elements (Malay organic system) is being restored

Traditional Malay Massage helps rid the body of excess ‘onion’ or wind helping to release negative energy.  The abdomen houses vital organs and is a very important part of the body. The abdominal cavity comprises of the stomach, diaphragm, colon, small intestine, liver, pancreas, and gall bladder. The health of the abdomen lies with the stomach, the digestion process and reproductive organs

MAY 2022

Tibetan Acupressure Massage with Express Facial £55

The Tibetan head massage is a blend of modern, western methods combined with genuine Tibetan acupressure techniques and traditional principles and theories of ancient Tibetan medicine.
The treatment begins with a back massage then once comfy on the couch, you will enjoy THE best facial, scalp and neck massage. Using specific techniques your facial and scalp muscles will have a massage that releases tension in your jaw, forehead and all the other muscles leaving you feeling totally relaxed. This is a perfect treatment for anyone who holds their tension in their heads or suffers from sinus problems. The massage ends with an express facial and reflexology to completely relax you and rebalance your body.

JUNE 2022

Wellbeing Massage with Reiki £50

June sees the arrival of our new project (still under wraps for now). Allow your body & mind to relax with the combination of aromatherapy, massage and the energy healing therapy, Reiki. If you struggle with anxiety, this will help you to quieten your thoughts and enjoy feeling calmer.