REFLEXOLOGY – one session £30.00, course of 3 sessions £73.00

This is a method of activating the healing process in the body. It is a pressure point therapy that works on the energy system using various reflex points which relate to areas within the body. I use it as a diagnostic tool as it indicates areas that are out of balance, it is also beneficial if the area is too painful to massage.

The benefits are vast:

  • Rebalances and recharges the whole body, mind and soul
  • An aid to sinus congestion, headaches
  • Stimulates the digestive system
  • Boosts your immune, circulatory and lymphatic systems
  • Eases muscular problems, sciatica and neck & shoulders

We also offer Maternity Reflexology, the details are on the Maternity section

REFLEXOLOGY FOR LYMPH DRAINAGE (RLD) – £34 per session                                                           course of 3 (recommended) £90

The Lymphatic system is an important part of the body and includes the immune system which plays a major role in the prevention of illnesses by creating white blood cells and antibodies.  When you have an infection, the lymph nodes fill up with waste products and your body naturally expels the bacteria, this is when your glands swell.

Lymph is not moved around the body the same as blood, ie pumped, it is moved by breathing and exercise, therefore in times of illness the waste products and excess fluid can become stuck in the tissues which will be uncomfortable, and sometimes painful.

lymphreflexLymphodema is the swelling of body tissue due to the body’s failure to drain lymph, one of the major causes of lymphedema is Cancer treatment.  Poor lymphatic circulation can be related to many conditions including:

    • ME/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
    • Sinusitis, Headaches, Ear Problems
    • Puffiness, Digestion Issues
  • Fibromyalgia

Reflexology is an excellent therapy whereby gentle pressure is applied to reflex points that relate to areas on your body.  RLD targets the Lymphatic system to cleanse and stimulate the natural process.  If appropriate we will measure your arm before and after your first and last treatment.

SUBTLE REFLEXOLOGY – one session £34 (course of 3 – £90)

Reflexology is an energy medicine. By using specific movements, I gently work on your subtle energy. Subtle energy sits in your aura, chakras, meridians, and acupoints.

Subtle Reflexology will help you feel balanced, relaxed, and grounded. Your energy will flow around your body so you feel happier

The treatment begins with gentle relaxation movements to help you relax. By using specialised acu pressure points, light touch reflexology, and stroking on your aural energy, any congestion within your energy could be released. This is a wonderful therapy for everyone to feel lighter and energised