Welcome 2018, its nice to see you!!

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Well here we are, a brand new year to do whatever we choose to achieve and enjoy!!  This year instead of the usual resolutions of “lose weight”, “get fit” and “learn a new hobby” I have decided to appreciate what I have and take time to enjoy them.  I am very lucky to have a wonderful family, do a job I love and  meeting lovely people every day.  Yes i always hope to be thinner, fitter but I know what to do and hopefully I will get my act together but I will not allow it to become a pressure on 2018, instead I pledge to myself to be mindful, to be happy with now and not worry about what “may” happen.

New Years Day is my favourite day of the year,  all is fresh and  I feel invigorated.  In past years I have booked courses on this day, deep cleaned the house and cleared anything that should have been recycled or sold months ago!!  This year is no different, I hope to learn a “cupping therapy” which will be another Helpmeorganics massage, more details to follow later this Spring and also complete my teaching training.  In 2017 my discovery of Mindfullness began and it has taught me already to stay in the present, be happy with now and I fully intend to further my practise in 2018.

Our special offer for January is the Lava Relax massage and reflexology to help ease you back into work after this lovely time off, warm up your muscles and energise you after the Christmas slump!!  Just £45

We have had to increase our prices slightly and the new price list is available in the shop and we have updated the prices online, we have also put shorter and longer course prices on there too if you have a regular treatment, there are savings to enjoy.

January can be a tricky month but getting as much fresh air and daylight helps to keep your mood and energy levels up so that we can appreciate every month this year, use aromatherapy in your home and workplace to protect you from coughs and colds.  We have lots of organic essential oil blends and products in our shop or online at www.helpmeorganics.com , have a look and give them a try in a bowl of water on a windowsill or burn a candle in your kitchen after cooking, in your bathroom whilst you relax or in your living room.  A room spray is an excellent way to give a burst of essential oil fragrance in a space and of course we are great fans of using a massage oil each night on your abdomen to help ease you into a restful nights sleep, calm and soothe or relax your muscles after exercise.  We are passionate about using organic, vegan ingredients without any microbeads, parabenes or sulphates, all of the packaging is either recyclable, reusable or compostable .  We design and make all of our products fresh and active for you to enjoy at home.

I wish you a wonderful happy 2018 full of laughter, love and excitement.