Harnessing the properties of the “Batu” stones from Bali, we bathe them in warm water, anoint them with the spicy aromas and place them on key points on the body to harmonise the spirit. Using a firm rhythmic massage to mimic the strong flow of water, the stones release their power and warmth to tired tense muscles. The penetration of heat and texture from the stones makes them perfect for therapeutic deep working massage to promote inner peace and harmony. A unique journey for the soul that achieves all over deep relaxation.  We have added an express facial to rehydrate your complexion.

MARCH 2020


This wonderful massage is based on Ayurvedic principles , this treatment would be carried out by women for women the eve of a wedding in Mongolia and would involve Yak milk, we use something far nicer! It is a very relaxing treatment which balance the “Chi” energy or in ayurvedic terms, the “wind” which flows around your body. The massage commences with the back. Chick pea flour is used to exfoliate the back, then using hot milk to clean and hydrate, specific massage techniques ease away tension held deep in your muscles, a warm coconut oil soothes and relaxes your back. Then once lying on your back, a cooling soothing eye massage relieves tension, clears away toxins, this is followed by a scalp and shoulder massage. Then its off to your feet when THE best foot massage using warmed oil to ease away tension and rebalance the “wind/energy”. It is important that we cool your eyes and warm your feet so that the energy can flow freely around your body. The word “Koyashai” means Sun and Moon. We have added an express facial to complete this wonderful treatment

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APRIL 2020


Your treatment commences with a hot mitt foot cleanse and light body brushing to activate your body and prepare it for the massage. We begin with Chakra Balancing, at times of stress, pressure or illness, your energy system can become out of balance and this will help to redress any imbalance. Once cocooned under warm towels, you will enjoy a Reflexology session, this is a brilliant diagnostic tool so that I know what aromatherapy and massage would be best for you. Once a blend of essential oils is mixed you will enjoy a full body massage chosen to fit your needs. Your journey ends with an express facial and you are left to relax warm and snug ready to drift into a beautiful sleep.

MAY 2020


This is complete body exfoliation followed by dry hand and oil based Balinese massage which concentrates on Marma points, these are pressure points along the meridian lines, and deep tissue massage to ease out muscular tension. The treatments commences with the exfoliation performed whilst you lie on the couch, then after dry hand brushing to stimulate your circulation, deep massage works deeply to relieve muscular tension. A rich hydrating body cream is applied to seal in the moisture and leave you feeling nourished, relaxed and rebalanced. Indonesian massage is performed on the days leading up to a wedding in India, coconut milk is used to soften the skin, we will use coconut oil in the massage. Your treatment ends with reflexology.