This is complete body exfoliation followed by dry hand and oil based Balinese massage which concentrates on Marma points.  These are pressure points along the meridian lines, and deep tissue massage to ease out muscular tension. The treatments commences with the exfoliation performed whilst you lie on the couch, then after dry hand brushing to stimulate your circulation, deep massage works deeply to relieve muscular tension. A rich hydrating body cream is applied to seal in the moisture and leave you feeling nourished, relaxed and rebalanced. Indonesian massage is performed on the days leading up to a wedding in India, coconut milk is used to soften the skin, we will use helpmeorganics massage oil in the massage.



The Tibetan head massage is a blend of modern, western methods combined with genuine Tibetan acupressure techniques and traditional principles and theories of ancient Tibetan medicine.
The treatment begins with a back massage then once comfy on the couch, you will enjoy THE best facial, scalp and neck massage. Using specific techniques your facial and scalp muscles will have a massage that releases tension in your jaw, forehead and all the other muscles leaving you feeling totally relaxed. This is a perfect treatment for anyone who holds their tension in their heads or suffers from sinus problems. The massage ends with reflexology to completely relax you and rebalance your body.



This wonderful massage is based on Ayurvedic principles , this treatment would be carried out by women on women the eve of a wedding in Mongolia and would involve Yak milk, we use something far nicer! It is a very relaxing treatment that balances the “Chi” energy or in ayurvedic terms, the “wind” which flows around your body. The massage commences with the back, chick pea flour is used to exfoliate the back, then using hot milk to clean and hydrate, specific massage techniques ease away tension held deep in your muscles, a warm coconut oil soothes and relaxes your back. Then once lying on your back, a cooling soothing eye massage relieves tension, clears away toxins, this is followed by a scalp and shoulder massage. Then its off to your feet when THE best foot massage using warmed oil to ease away tension and rebalance the “wind/energy”. It is important that we cool your eyes and warm your feet so that the energy can flow freely around your body.
The word “Koyashai” means Sun and Moon.