The Hopi candles are made from organically grown flax, English honey, sage, st johns wort and chamomile. They are made in Norfolk using locally sourced ingredients, the candles are larger than the normal hopi candles and produce better results.
They work on the chimney principle whereby warm vapours are sent into the ear canal which loosens any wax plug and debris, this is removed from the ear by gentle suction from the flame, the candle has a valve which prevents any wax returning to the ear. You will enjoy a face and scalp massage to support the candle treatment.

This candle therapy is beneficial for sinus congestion, tension headaches, snoring, impaired hearing due to a build up of wax, anxiety pain due to clenching the jaw. The candles can also help to improve tinnitus.

The treatment begins with a gentle massage around the ear, then once lit the candle is supported safely, this is repeated on both ears, then you will enjoy a light massage on the face and scalp.
Hopi ear candle therapy originates from the North American Hopi Indian tribe. We recommend a course of treatments for people with recurrent problems.

one session £36
course of 4 £128


This treatment uses the benefits of the Hopi Ear Candles with lymphatic drainage to the face, neck and decollage area. You will enjoy a shoulder, neck and scalp massage to ease tension. The massage ends with a Reflexology session to complement the candles and lymphatic massage.

All areas of sinus discomfort is covered with this massage.