The benefits of Ear Candles

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During the winter months our sinuses can become active which can cause pressure to build leading to headaches.  For the last 20 years I have been promoting the use of Hopi ear candles as a natural therapy to clear any wax build up which can prevent the natural sinus drainage.
So how do they work?
Well it’s all down to physics really.  When the candle is lit, warm vapours of medicinal herbs of sage, St John’s wort and chamomile enter the ear, soften the wax so that the flame can provide a gentle suction to remove the wax,skin or hair.  This is trapped in the candle and solidifies when it cools.

After lymphatic face and scalp massage, your ears will feel clean, the pressure reduced.  However there are ocassions when you may need to repeat your treatment but I like to give your body ample opportunity to drain naturally .

Lymphatic drainage massage is an excellent therapy to have throughout winter as it really helps to keep you feeling healthy. Your lymph is not pumped round your body by your heart but by movement,  breathing  and massage so it really does help to clear a build up of toxins, boost your white  infection fighting blood cells.

Can anyone have the ear candles?
If you had grommets fitted or have a perforated ear drum, I would advise not having the candles but maybe consider reflexology instead.

If you are in the first and second trimester of your pregnancy, again I would prefer to use the Lymphatic facial massage to gently ease the pressure. In your third trimester you will be fine to have the candles.

If you have an ear infection, this must be cleared first as it will be painful.

What is the after care?
Just like a normal holistic therapy, drink water, don’t poke an ear bud into your ear as this forces the wax down into your ear canal, if they itch, 1-2 drops of olive oil will help soothe.

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