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Back, neck and shoulder massage with Reflexology  £40

Its been a long time since your last massage, lets concentrate on easing those back, neck and shoulder muscles, if you ve been working on a laptop you will need to be stretched gently!  Reflexology will begin to rebalance your mind and body after the winter, boost your immune system and get you ready to move in the Spring.


Warm Bamboo Massage with Reflexology £55

We will be moving a lot more now, getting fit and active is good for our mental health and summer body, the warmed bamboo sticks will help smooth your muscles, stretch the fibres so you can get going.  We continue with Reflexology to keep helping to repair, rebalance and restore your body


Prescriptive Full Body Massage with Express Facial £55

Here we are in summer, woo hoo, a time to enjoy being outside in the sun shine.  This massage is excellent at giving your whole body some therapy, designed just for you, we work on relaxing and easing any aches and pains. Your complexion will feel much better after the express facial too!

Spring Special Offer

Wellbeing massage with Eyezone Therapy £55

You have been through so much and I wanted to help get you feeling better, happier and ready to make the most of Spring.  The wellbeing massage is a full body treatment, concentrating on helping you to feel relaxed.  The eyezone therapy targets the eye area which is wonderful if you have been working on a laptop or struggle with eye strain.  It is a facial too so your skin will be replenished and with the reflexology, I will beable to help you balance and feel happy.