Release your emotional side!!

By / 18th September, 2018 / News from the Salon, Well Being / Off

Everybody has emotions, some are very good at holding them close, hidden away. Others wear their feelings on their chests, very vulnerable to upset.  But who is right??


Emotions can be happy, sad, frustrating, angry, jealous or on top of the World elated.  People hold their emotional state in various ways.  You can store worry in your stomachs, heads, chest, hormones, happiness tends to glow from your face (as does anger/frustration).  By allowing your emotional state to ease slowly, I mean if you are worried, your stomach hurts, try placing your hands on your tum, close your eyes and breathe, the action of moving your abdomen helps to release the anxiety thus making you feel better, lighter.

If you have a headache, there may be many reasons but sometimes if you have been storing your emotion in your head or thinking things through they can cause a build up of pressure.  In this case, try closing your eyes, concentrating on your breathing and try not to think of anything else but your breath.  The sheer motion of transferring your thoughts to the in and out of your breath actually stops your mind from worrying/over thinking and on most occasions , your pressure will have released and a clearer mind will show.

I have known people to show their emotional state through their skin, acne, excema  can (not always) be as a result of anxiety, it is therefore vital to find an outlet.  Some people like to run then go into a jog as they relax, others take a long soak to unwind. Whatever it takes try to release your emotions, come to terms that we all struggle at times but holding it in will only make things worse at the end.

So how can Holistic therapy help?

Essential oils are ideal to help counteract today’s busy lifestyle and life’s pressures.  Fill your home with the organic scent of aromatherapy, fill a bowl with water and drop 3-4 drops of a blend (we recommend Helpmeorganics Aromatherapy Blends), place your bowl in the hallway or landing so that the aroma gently diffuses around your house, relaxing, protecting or refreshing as they go.  Synthetic fragrance may smell nice but have no therapeutic benefits, you need pure organic aromatherapy for this.

If you love having long soaks in the bath, set the scene. Light your candle (we recommend Helpmeorganics Soy Candles infused with organic essential oils), fill your bath then just before you step in, pour in your cup of milk infused with 2 drops of our aromatherapy blend.  Spend your time inhaling the aroma. Afterwards apply our massage oils, pop on your pj’s and either watch a “easy watching programme”, read a good book or simply listen to some music.  You will sleep better and be ready for the next day.

Treatment wise, massage therapy is ideal to help you switch off, most massage techniques mimic the ebb & flow of the sea to allow you to relax.  By combining massage, soft lighting, gentle music and lovely aromas, we can help you to release any pressures.  Sometimes if you have had an operation, emotions connected with the illness or operation can become stuck, by using Navel candles, we can release your emotional state.  Reflexology is also brilliant at gently releasing any anxiety or upset within your body.

Give it a try, if you persistently struggle with headaches, IBS, PMS, skin outbreaks, we wholeheartedly recommend you embrace the wonderful world of aromatherapy.