Prescriptive Full Body Massage

By / 9th October, 2015 / Special Offers / Off

Your treatment commences with a hot mitt foot cleanse and light body brushing to activate your body and prepare it for the massage.  We begin with  Chakra Balancing, at times of stress, pressure or illness, your energy system can  become out of balance and this will help to  redress any imbalance.  Once cocooned under warm towels, you will enjoy a  Reflexology session, this is a brilliant   diagnostic tool so that I know what aromatherapy and massage would be best for you.  Once a blend of essential oils is mixed, you will enjoy a full body massage chosen to fit your needs.  Your journey ends with Reiki and you are left to relax warm and snug ready to drift into a beautiful sleep.

During October, we are offering this wonderful treatment for just £40.