Our July “Special” – Tibetan Head Acupressure massage £35

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This month we have focused on relieving tension held within your scalp, face and neck.  The Tibetan head acupressure massage combines a back massage with a shoulder, neck, face and scalp acupressure massage, relieving blockages of energy which increase the pressure.  By using deep massage, we can release tension in your facial and scalp muscles to relax and calm, boost your energy and leave you feeling at peace.  Massaging your scalp also increases the blood supply which not only brings nutrients to your hair, but clears sinus pressure too.  The treatment ends with reflexology, the perfect way to reunite your body and rebalance.  Perfect for anyone who suffers from tension headaches, sinus pressure, neck and shoulder stiffness or just feeling under pressure.


July also sees the arrival of the first Helpmeorganics massage, “help me, it’s way past my bedtime”.  Soft and gentle yet firm enough to release muscular tension, the Lomilomi massage lulls you into a sleepy state by combining techniques which mimic the sea.  We use our organic massage blend to complete this wonderful therapeutic massage which will be available from October and is in fact our October special.  It is a full body massage using all the energy and muscular work that you expect from one of our treatments.  If you struggle sleeping or are feeling under pressure, this is perfect for you!


Next month, August, we go Japanese with the Natural face lift treatment, Japanese Tsuboki facial massage.  Always a popular treatment as it combines “facial tapping” on specialised meridian points which send a tidal wave along your meridian energy lines and also stimulate the muscle to tighten.  This is a facial treatment but we have added a back massage to help you feel totally refreshed and looking gorgeous for the summer.

In our shop, August also sees the arrival of the next product from Helpmeorganics, our body/massage oils.  We have blended organic avocado, jojoba and camelia oils with the essential oils to produce a premium blended oil. Avocado oil is rich in vitamins A, B1,B2,B5, D, E, it is easily absorbed and helps cell regeneration.  Jojoba oil helps to rebalance your oil balance.  It tricks an oily skin into thinking it has easily over produced on the serum front, so it slow down production.  If you suffer with a dry skin, jojoba helps to replenish the sebum.  Keep an eye on @helpmeorganics social media for details of the launch of these wonderful blends.

Dont forget our “Summer Holiday Ready” collection, we combine a Body exfoliation, Body massage, Holistic facial and Callous heel peel to get you ready to enjoy the time off . Also perfect Pre-wedding or just as a treat.  This is also suitable for Pregnant ladies too as the Callous heelp peel is gentle and safe during pregnancy.  Just £85