update: 10/08/21 – We have reopened our shop for you to call in without making an appointment on a Monday and Friday (to begin with) 10am until 4pm. Please wear your face mask when you come in just in case there is someone already in the shop, there is hand santizer in the shop too. As we come into autumn and winter, there are other viruses around (and although I agree that our immune system needs us to catch coughs and colds, I don’t fancy the Norovirus or the flu and I can imagine you are the same!), so please use it. I will still wipe door handles, ventilate but it would be lovely if you could help.

Some customers have expressed to me that they feel uneasy about the shop reopening, so please continue to make an appointment on a Tuesday and Thursday, to buy a voucher, candle or anything else. This way I can keep everyone happy.

I am still required to wear my visor and mask, ventilate and clean between customers, I had no intention of changing this but I have been told. So until next Spring, I will be asking you to confirm no contact with Covid etc. One thing I have stopped is taking your temperature on entry, I found this inaccurate as the weather was so hot. Everything else is the same and will remain the same for a long time to protect you and me.

update: 14/07/21 – Please read the blog for details of the changes coming into effect from the 19th July.

update: 12.05.21 – I have read through all the upcoming changes to the precautions and I have decided to keep things as they are in the salon, they are working a treat and keeping you (and me) safe which is very important.

12.05.21 – lateral flow test result – negative

10.05.21- lateral flow test result – negative

Update: 03.05.21  Lateral flow test result – negative

Update: 29th April 2021

Its been so lovely to see everyone, I think all the precautions put in place are working (please tell me if they re not for you!) Each week (twice weekly) i am doing a Lateral Flow Test…here are the results so far:

Wednesday 28th April 2021 – negative

Sunday 25th April 2021 – negative

Wednesday 21st April 2021 – negative

Sunday 17th April 2021 – negative

Update 27th March 2021

We are able to reopen from the 12th April. I have been contacting customers and will continue next week. If you would like an appointment please get in touch.

Update 23 February 2021

Yesterday we were given a date when we could (possibly/hopefully) reopen of 12th April. I will contact everyone who had their appointment cancelled by mid March then will beable to take bookings. If you have a gift voucher, all vouchers will be valid until the 31st December 2021.

Im so sorry that I will not beable to give vouchers for Mothers Day as I cannot be open but please have a look at www.helpmeorganics.com. If your mum loves coming to Simply Relaxing, all the scent blends have been made into products she can enjoy at home. I can offer a “click and collect” service (you will initially pay postage but i will refund it if you collect)

Please have a look at our Special Offer page which has been updated to show the offers for 3 months including the Spring special.

Update 11th january 2021

Following government instruction on 30th December 2020, we are closed . I hope this will not be too long and I will be in touch as soon as i hear i can reopen.

If you were given a gift voucher for Christmas , the 6 month valid date will begin once I can reopen. If you received a gift voucher before March 23rd 2020, I will extend the expiry date to a month from when I can reopen. For the vouchers between, dont worry they will also be extended too.

Update on New Years Day 1.01.21

Happy New Year!

From the 31st December, Cheshire was moved to Tier 4 which means that my salon, once again, has to close. I am in the process of getting in touch with everyone booked in. There is a review in a couple of weeks so fingers crossed Cheshire will be back in Tier 3 which means I can reopen.

25th November 2020 update:

Good news, we will reopen on Wednesday 2nd December so if you would like an appointment please get in touch.

If you would like to buy a gift voucher or gift, please contact me to arrange a day/time as I am operating a “one person at a time” policy to keep everything safe and simple

1st November 2020 update

We have been told to close from Wednesday 4th November at midnight until 2nd December

If you have an appointment, I will be in touch to rearrange

Please support the little small businesses this Christmas, we all need you to

“When you buy from a small business, you are supporting a dream”

What do I have to do before my appointment:

I will contact you the day before you are due to come to ask 2 health questions:

  • “Have you been in contact with anyone showing symptoms of Covid-19?”
  • “Are you showing any symptoms of Covid-19?”

You need to reply yes/no. If YES, we may need to move your appointment forward 7 days to be safe, if NO, then brilliant I will look forward to seeing you the next day.

Please do not bring any food/drink with you for your treatment, I am unable to give you water so maybe have a drink before you leave you car.

Please do not bring anyone with you as there are no chairs in reception.

Please do arrive on time, if you have a problem, contact me

What happens when I arrive?

On arrival, I will take your temperature and note it, then ask for a contact number for NHS Test and Trace service. After you have applied hand sanitizer, I will take you through to the salon for you to enjoy your treatment.

You will see that there is a QR Code which you can “check in” at Simply Relaxing for the purposes of the NHS Test and Trace app. Please note you will need the app to use it

Do I have to wear a mask?

It is good practise to wear a facial mask to come to the salon however I would suggest removing it for your treatment for comfort reasons. I will be wearing a visor and mask. If you would like to wear your mask for your treatment, this is perfectly fine too.

What precautions are in place?

  • I have removed all soft furnishings as they can harbour the virus, I have replaced them with “wipeable” chairs/tables
  • I have removed the gowns
  • I have replaced the hand towels with paper towels in the WC and again added a further hand sanitizer “no contact” dispenser along with a “no contact” soap dispenser
  • There is a diffuser in the shop pumping out an antibacterial blend between appointments
  • After every client, the premises are closed for cleaning and ventilation
  • I will wear both a visor and face mask
  • All products in the shop are in clear boxes, please do not open the boxes yourself, as this will mean a possible contamination

What do i do if I have tested positive for Covid-19

If you have tested positive for Covid-19, you must delay any treatment until you are advised by your doctor that it is safe for you to have any form of therapy at Simply Relaxing. I will then need you to sign a declaration.

If you have an appointment booked, please let me know as soon as possible so that we can delay your treatment.

What happens to the information taken on my arrival?

  • I have to take personal contact and health information for the purposes of the NHS Test and Trace only. After 21 days, this information is shredded.
  • I will NOT use this information for marketing purposes and will NOT share it with anyone without your consent
  • If there is an occasion when I am asked by NHS Test and Trace for information regarding clients for a particular day, I will first ask you for your permission and also to make you aware that they will be in touch.
  • By arranging an appointment, you are confirming that you are happy with the precautions put in place and that all the information given is correct.

What happens when I pay for my treatment?

  • Please pay by debit/credit card. I am unable to accept cash
  • I am also unable to print a card receipt, however my machine can send you a receipt via text or email which can be arranged whilst you are in the shop.

I would like to buy a gift voucher?

Yes you can, however, please get in touch to arrange a suitable day and time so that there is no customer having a treatment as i am operating a “one customer at a time” policy. It would be easier if I could email the voucher to you as I have to limit the amount of paper I produce but if this is not possible, I will have the voucher ready. The vouchers have a 6 month valid date and must be produced for the treatment.

Please contact me by phone, email or via facebook to arrange

How will I make a note of my next appointment?

I will text, email or facebook message you with your next appointment

What is the aftercare following my treatment?

  • Please make sure you drink water
  • Spend time relaxing
  • If you begin to show symptoms of Covid-19 within 7 days, I need to know
  • Look forward to your next visit to Simply Relaxing
  • Tell your friends how lovely, safe and professional we are!!

I hope this has answered some of your questions, if you have any concerns or queries please email me