Simply Relaxing is closed for all treatments for the foreseeable future to safeguard your health. We will reopen as soon as we can.

Gift vouchers will now be valid until 31.12.20 and all courses have been frozen

When we reopen, we will need to follow these guidelines that have been set out by the Federation of Holistic Therapists in guidance to government policy –

1 – On entry to the shop/salon, please use the hand santiser available

2 – I will deep clean the salon between each customer which means that I can only see maximum of 4 customers per day as every surface needs to be cleaned and the salon has to be ventilated too.

3 – I will contact you the day before your treatment to check that you are feeling well with no symptoms, I know that you would tell me but these are the new guidelines. We have to trust each other, I would never see you if I knew that I had been in contact with someone who felt poorly or became poorly or if I felt poorly. I will wear a mask to further protect you but i cannot wear gloves as this would feel dreadful for you, however I will wash my hands and use hand sanitizer.

4 – New customers will be required to complete a consultation form which i will email to you 24 hours before you come for your first treatment.

5 – I will only be open for appointments and not for browsing the shop. This will reduce any risk to everyone. If you require a gift voucher, I am happy to email it to you. All valid dates have been extended to 31st December 2020 for now but this may be further extended if needed so please dont worry.

6 – I intend to contact the customers who had their appointment cancelled first then my appointment book will be open for anyone, I hope you understand but I have to go slowly.

7 – It will be so lovely to see you again, the salon will be ready and smelling of organic essential oils.