May Newsletter

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Here we are in May, seems only yesterday we are celebrating New Year and yet the birds are busy making nests, the blossoms are in full beautiful bloom and we are all beginning to lose our layers now that Spring is here.  We have designed a collection of our treatments to get you ready for your holiday, a special occasion or just a little bit of pampering to shake off winter.

“Summer Ready”   2 hours  £85

Enjoy a body scrub to exfoliate your body leaving frresh, glowing skin to benefit from a Well-being massage which will hydrate, soothe and relax your mind and muscles.  We use organic aromatherapy oils within our massage and blend for your requirements.  Following the massage, we begin a Holistic facial, this differs from a standard facial as we use organic products which suit your complexion, maybe it needs an extra boost in moisture or  rebalancing to even out your skin tone.  Whilst you relax with the facial, we turn our attention to your feet to get them “sandal pretty”, we use Callous Peel, a remarkable product which melts away any dead hard skin revealing supple pretty heels.  Once we have finished, you will feel light, relaxed and ready to enjoy summer what ever your plans are.



We have used  Callous Peel in our foot treatments for several years now and find it a very effective product to remove dead skin from your feet, although it is a very gentle product, we were not able to use it for Pregnant ladies or people with diabetes.  Thankfully Callous Peel Uk is now in a gentle cream form (not the patches) which is suitable for use during pregnancy as when you are pregnant, reaching down to do your own feet is tricky.  You can now let us treat your feet, it is the same price but when you book in, please let me know if you are pregnant or indeed diabetic so that I know to use the cream and not the patches.  Price for a Callous foot treatment is from £40



We are very happy to introduce our new Gift card or Notelet cards to you.  They are made from photographs of local beauty spots for example the Top Flash, Delamere Forest and Newbridge.  The photos belong to Kevin and are a stunning way to send someone a note to say Hi or wish them a happy day.  Action for Happiness recommends that we begin to send short notes to people to keep in touch, why have we stopped writing letters, somehow sending an email doesnt feel that special whereas receiving a hand written note means so much more.  Lets start taking a little time to bring a little happiness.  The cards costs £2.35 each and they are beautiful



Last months special offer was the Warm Bamboo massage, this is ideal to smooth tense muscles using warmed bamboo sticks, ideal as a post workout massage to encourage your muscles to relax.  This month we keep our focus on post workout treatments, the Lava Rescue combines heat and ice therapy to clear toxins from our muscles and bring fresh blood to your tissues which will make you feel energetic and fabulous.  Any massage wil relax you and help you to unwind and feel great but the Lava Rescue massage is perfect if you are getting more active or have a sedentary job when you circulation needs a boost.  Just £35 and is a full body massage.



We have been so busy in the shop, we have a new stock of the wonderfully hydrating Organic Goats Milk soap.  Goats milk absorbs into the skin at body temperature which enables all the calming hydrating benefits from goats milk to enter your skin and soothe irritation plus give your skin a moisturising boost.  I recommend the “unscented” soap for newborn babies but once over 6 months they can move onto the “Gentle” soap which combines Lavender and Chamomile.  There are many scents in the range to suit everyone, at £4.50 per bar they are a hard soap so last longer.  Give them a try, you know that you are using a healthy organic soap, no harsh chemicals just pure goats milk and essential oils. Your skin will thank you!

We also have a new stock of Neals Yard essential oils and diffusers in for you to enjoy.  We will only be stocking organic items in the shop from now as we are passionate that we should use planet friendly, insect friendly, skin friendly and animal friendly ingredients on our bodies and in our homes.  This is why @helpmeorganics was started as I have become more and more unhappy with having to use chemicals which hurt our planet, bees and animals in the making, our products are completely safe and effective yet hurt nothing.


Well its been a very busy but fun time at Helpmeorganics, we have finally got our Aromatherapy Blends on the shop shelves, they are pure organic essential oil blend which feature in our product ranges.  So you can now choose how to use the “Help me, i’m too busy for colds” blend of Eucalyptus, Lavender, Tea Tree, Peppermint and Tangerine essential oils as they are in a very handy dropper top 10ml bottle.  If you suffer from hayfever, why not pop 2/3 drops in a bowl of water placed on a windowsill which will not only catch the pollen on the water but will infuse the room with healthy protective essential oils to keep your airwaves open.  Our “Help me, apparently i’m hormonal” range of Geranium, Ylang Ylang, Lavender and Palmarosa essential oils will bring balance to your day, drop 3/4 drops on a tissue and keep it with you so that you can inhale if you feel emotional or tense.  “Help me, it’s way past my bedtime” blend of Melissa, Ginger, Eucalyptus and Lavender essential oils are a perfect companion for bedtime, designed to help you drift off to sleep, try popping 2/3 drops onto a bowl of water and place next to your bed so that you inhale the wonderful aroma whilst you sleep.

We have also launched our summer range “Help me bring sunshine to a cloudy day”, we have blended Citronella, Lemongrass, Peppermint and Spearmint essential oils with either our Natural Soy wax , Organic Witch Hazel or indeed just on their own in the Aromatherapy blends.  Use them to enhance your summer evenings, place 4/5 drops in a bucket of water to deter ants or freshen your kitchen floor.  Place 2/3 drops in a bowl on your kitchen window to refuse entry to flies or pop 3/4 drops on a cloth and hang in your greenhouse to let the flies know to find another home.  Our oils will not kill the insects, just deter them.

Our @helpmeorganics products are available online ( or in our shop, we are getting lovely feedback from customers and we would love you to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to keep up to date with new products and news.

Have a lovely May, a beautiful month with cold mornings and warm afternoons.

Linda x