Lockdown 3, how did this happen

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Here we are again in lockdown yet this time it feels different, or maybe thats just me. The first lockdown happened in spring so we could all enjoy the warm sunshine and potter about our gardens, keeping away from contact.

The second lockdown was in November, much harder as we were worrying about arrangements for Christmas but it was short so we coped.

This lockdown, open ended in January, feels much harder. Maybe we are aware of the severity more this time, maybe we are emotionally tired and maybe we are aware that the fabulous key workers are at their end too. Yet this time there is a vaccine, not just one but three coming to our aid. Then why does this feel much harder.

January is the darkest month of the year, the days are shorter, nights longer and its cold. But try and look around, have you noticed the bulbs are poking their heads out, it wont be long before we notice aconites, snowdrops, early crocus. Bumblebees will emerge desperate for food. Life begins to feel positive again, a new beginning and we must grab it with both sanitised hands!

If you are struggling with whats going on, spend time noticing how nature is once again trying to help. If you go for a walk, stop and listen, notice the buds on the trees are swelling. Signs are all around us that Spring is coming.

We must adhere to the rules, im sure everyone who reads this post is, Use essential oils in your home and workplace to protect, inspire, relax and calm you, they are little pockets of therapy and can be used in bowls of water, on tissues and in diffusers. Winter is a wonderful time to enjoy a soak in the bath, close your curtains and snuggle down to watch a good movie. Winter is a time to plan your garden, clear those cupboards now so you can enjoy spring and summer without worrying that is a job still to do.

Go over to www.helpmeorganics.com and download the visionboard (its free) and start adding images which make you happy, images of places to visit, hobbies to learn, flowers to grow and people to see.

Afterall “spring will want to know what we did all winter”

Take care xx

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