June the month we say “hello” to Summer!

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Well i think we can safely say we are within touching distance of the summer solstice, a time of longer days, colourful gardens bursting with flowers and no reason to stay indoors.

Summer can also bring with it hayfever, this can upset your sinuses, make your skin sensitive & itchy and get you sneezing past yourself.  There are things that you can do to minimise the effect of pollen.  Place a bowl with water on each windowsill, this acts as a magnet to the pollen, add essential oils to the water and these increase the protection.  We use Helpmeorganics’ Aromatherapy Blend “Help me, i’m feeling under the weather”, this contains Eucalyptus, lavender, Tea Tree, Lavender and Tangerine, all organic oils which clear your sinuses, relax and uplift you.  Use 2-3 drops in each bowl (reduce this down to 1-2 if you have babies or small children in your house)  It is safe for pets but make sure they cannot drink from the bowl or indeed from children too.  Close the windows prior to using the essential oils so that they can peculate around the room.  You can also pop 2-3 drops on a tissue and sniff throughout the day.

Itchy eyes? Place a wet flannel in the fridge whilst you are out at work/school, then relax with the flannel on your eyes and let the coolness calm and ease your eyes.  Your skin irritation can be eased by Aloe vera gel, this cools and soothes, keep this in the fridge too so that it has an immediate impact.

Treatment wise, we offer a Sinus massage when we combine the Hopi ear candles to remove any wax plug with lymphatic facial drainage, a soothing scalp massage to ease your muscles and reflexology lymph drainage to boost your immune system to fight off any infection and clear your sinuses to, Just £40.  The Tibetan head massage concentrates on your back, face, scalp and feet using acupressure points and deep massage to relief any tightness, ideal if you struggle with headaches. Look out in July as its our special offer just £35

Our special offer for June is an Ayurvedic treatment, Mongolian Hot Milk massage.  This begins with a back treatment, clearing dead akin cells, hydrating with warmed milk and finishing with a deep aromatherapy massage. You will enjoy an eye massage and the best warm foot massage around, easing tension within your skin and boosting your energy.  Just £40

Are you going on holiday or getting married?  We have devised a collection of our treatments to make sure you feel ready to enjoy whatever summer has planned.  We begin with a body exfoliation, a well-being massage, holistic facial and end with the callous heel peel which removes dead skin from your heels, they will just need your polish! The whole package costs £85 and so far the people who have booked in have loved it that much, they are having it again at the end of summer!!


Summer is a time to eat outside, yet it can be annoying when insects want to join you…Helpmeorganics have designed a Summer range “help me, bring sunshine to a cloud day”, a blend of Citronella, Lemongrass, Peppermint and Spearmint really do make eating al fresco a bit more enjoyable.  Pop 3-4 drops in a bucket of water and swill under the table where you will be eating to create a “safer zone”, obviously our products will not last a whole evening but flies and ants really dont like the smell, it wont kill them but they will find another place for a while.  A good tip to deter wasps is to buy a false wasps nest, I have them and thoroughly recommend buying one or two.


Simply Relaxing and Helpmeorganics will be at the Darnhall Show again this year, it would be lovely to see you, Sunday 9th July on the field behind Bownes Tractors.


Make sure you enjoy summer, take photos of whatever you do and place them on your noticeboard so that in the middle of January, you can remember that summer comes for us to enjoy and be thankful for.  Have a lovely Solstice, make sure you skip around with flowers in your hair, after all what are daisy’s for.