June Newsletter

June is a lovely month to get outside and enjoy the long days.  Stock up on vitamin D if you can by being outside.  We are still in the tight grasp of covid-19 but we can get out for a walk to stretch our legs.

We will be able to reopen from the 6th July and many if you have been booking appointments which is lovely.  I have had to put a few guidelines in place to make sure everything goes to plan and keeps us all safe.

1….I am limited to maximum of 4 customers per day as I have to ventilate the salon for an hour and deep clean between each client.

2… please use the hand sanitizer in the shop when you arrive

3… I will be wearing a mask. You don’t have to wear a mask but feel free to wear a mask and/or gloves but they will have to be removed during your massage or facial treatment.

4… I will contact you the day before to check that you have no Covid symptoms or have been in contact with people showing signs if Covid. I will also confirm my situation too.

5… please bring your own water as I am not allowed to offer you water in the salon

6… Gift vouchers will be valid until 31.01.21

Special Offer for June 

The Prescriptive Massage with Express Facial £55

Perfect to get you feeling happy, healthy and ready to enjoy summer. It involves a full body massage, reflexology, energy balancing and an Express facial to rehydrate your complexion.

Summer Special Offer

Top to Toe  £65

  • Begins with a full body massage 
  • Reflexology 
  • Holistic Facial

Guaranteed to leave you feeling on top of the World

Summer Personality

As summer temperatures soar, so colours take on a more delicate, muted tone. Think hazy, lazy summer days by the beach and long lingering evenings sharing supper outside with friends and family.

The pace in summer is altogether more considered and the manic energy that spring brought with her has faded. Do we achieve less in summer, absolutely not but summer personalities are less inclined to jump up and down and tell the world constantly about their every move.

Often graceful, elegant and stylish, quality is key to the summer personality. With a strongly intuitive and romantic side, many summer businesses formed in the summer months, have strong links to the wedding industry.

Summer personalities are efficient, productive and well-organised. Detail is everything and they leave no stone unturned in their quest for perfection. They thrive on structure  order and process, they dislike rapid change.

Summer personalities tend to be reserved in sharing their opinion, they are much more likely to observe a situation and hold back on their thoughts until asked. This can sometimes lead others to see them as a walk over. But don’t be fooled. They know their own, minds and are much more resilient than you give them credit for.

Summer personalities can sometimes lack spontaneityxwhich can be frustrating for others around them. They seldom show their emotions and their naturally reserved nature can be seen as stand-offish.  Their drive for perfection can hold them back  but they will always be realistic. They are supportive  sensitive to feelings of others and have a strong sense of responsibility. 

Colours….cool, delicate think english rose and lavender

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