How to get ready for autumn

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The biggest change to your body and mind happens in September. We love the long sunny days, the feeling of the sun on our faces. As we progress through August, there is a change coming that we need to prepare for and I have some helpful tips for you….

  • Enjoy the morning sunshine as much as possible to allow your body to absorb vitamin d. they say the hours between 7am and 9am are when its best to do this, the sun is not too strong so you can sit outside without sun protection on. Your body needs magnesium, vitamin k and zinc to absorb the vitamin d. I like to eat my vitamins and minerals. Good sources are: Green leafy veg, eggs, meat especially turkey, nuts, seeds, shellfish, dairy, chickpeas, peas, beans.
  • Take photos of your days in the sun and make up a board of sunny days to lift you up through winter
  • get active to boost your lymphatic flow. Dancing, running, cycling, walking are all good
  • improve your diet by reducing the pre made foods and cook your meals from scratch. Freeze your leftovers
  • its a good time to lose weight and get fitter
  • learn a new past time which stimulates your brain
  • body brush to get your circulation
  • meditating is very helpful for anxiety. I love mindfulness and spend time just allowing my body to calm down
  • Fill your home with the scent of essential oils, they are little pockets of plant therapy to clear your sinuses, boost your mental wellbeing, calm and soothe you to sleep, rebalance and recharge.

Reflexology is superb at getting your body through this change of season, its helps to rebalance.

At the end of the day, if we embrace everything wonderful about each season, this will have no impact but if we worry about whats coming in the winter, this will make us fear what is a wonderful time of year. Autumn and Winter are times for boardgames, jumpers, cosy movie nights, frosty mornings followed by hot afternoons, long soaks in the bath, Strictly, Halloween/Bonfire night, Christmas and above all family time so embrace it, don’t worry about it xx

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