How to clear sinus pressure naturally

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Due to an eye issue, ear candle therapy and sinus massage have been removed from our therapy list recently. There are many ways you can relieve sinus pressure and ear wax build up, here are our tips;

  • Tibetan Head Acupressure Massage – We can begin the natural sinus draining process by using specialized facial acupressure massage and soothe and calm head pressure. We begin the treatment with a back massage to ease tense back muscles, then you will enjoy a shoulder, neck, face, and scalp acupressure massage then its off to your feet for Reflexology Lymph Drainage. By working on various reflex points on your feet, we can unblock your ears, decongest your sinuses and calm your headache.
  • Reflexology Lymph Drainage – your lymph is pumped around your body by movement and breath, by working on specialised lymph reflex points, we can unblock your lymph so that all toxins can drain unhindered.

There are so many ways to clear wax build up at home, here are our tips;

  • Olive oil helps to loosen and dissolve ear wax, you can buy olive oil ear drops which also include bicarb of soda, which clears wax build-up.
  • we suggest dropping 2 drops of olive oil each week. You would be amazed how much shampoo and conditioner stay in your ears, irritating the walls of the ear. This is beneficial if you struggle with eczema and psoriasis.
  • make sure you drink plenty of water, if you are dehydrated, your ears will be dry too
  • Having a warmer shower and taking deep breaths through your nose can help to unblock your nose.
  • Using essential oils around the home, we suggest Helpmeorganics “help me, I’m feeling under the weather” essential oil blend
  • Singing and chewing all mobilise the jaw, so if you struggle with tension in your jaw which causes sinus issues, try singing regularly. Sounds a mad idea, but it is effective.

I hope the above ideas help and thank you for understanding.

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