How Holistic therapies can help you during winter

By / 17th January, 2017 / News from the Salon / Off

Winter can be a time when we feel less energetic, stimulated. This is a time when many animals hibernate and maybe in times gone by, we would have done.  It is important to get outside as much as possible to absorb the daylight which in turn helps to keep us happy.

Holistic therapies can help you too.  Having a regular massage or reflexology rebalances your hormones and stimulates your lymphatic flow to fights infections, clear toxins and give us the energy we thrive on.

During the winter, we spend more time indoors with our central heating system, this can play havoc with our sinuses, try having a Hopi ear candle treatment, this cleara away any wax plug which can block your sinus pathways which causes a build up of pressure.  We do offer a Sinus massage which involves the ear candles, face, scalp and shoulder massage and reflexology, this gives your body a super boost.

Using aromatherapy within your home is truly therapeutic too.  By adding the 3 protective oils, Lavender, Eucalyptus and Teatree, any virus, bacteria will be sent packing plus your airwaves will be kept clear to allow a good nights sleep.  You can use aromatherapy to give an uplifting environment too, Lemon, Frankincense, Orange all are fresh and happy oils.  Simply place 2/3 drops in a bowl or saucer in your room and allow the natural warmth to perculate the aromas throughtout the house.

Our offer for February is the Prescriptive Full Body massage, this involves a full body massage, reflexology and a look at your energy points using chakras. Perfect to relax you.  An ideal valentines gift too!!!

Winter is a wonderful time, use aromatherapy to enhance your enjoyment after all Spring will want to know what we did all winter.

See you next time! x