Winter is a beautiful time of year and one to definitely enjoy!! Yes the days can be shorter but its also a season for blankets, candles, movies, Christmas and being able to enjoy a lovely fresh walk.

This month, we celebrate our 25th birthday and I can’t believe it. 25 years ago I was nearing the end of my course and had to write a business plan, I always knew the name (Simply Relaxing) and I always knew that Holistic Therapies would be the key treatment. So my business was born.

In January 1995 i very nervously opened the doors to my shop and I do have to admit it took a time to attract my first customers. In 1995 having a regular massage was not deemed something that anyone could have as regular as having your hair cut, I am very proud to say that now having a massage, reflexology, reiki or facial is considered just as important as you have to look after yourself emotionally, physically and mentally . In 25 years this mindset has changed and I am so so very happy., how great that, hopefully, our children and grandchildren will continue to look after themselves inside and out.

Winter is a time for scent and we want you to fill your home with organic essential oils which smell beautiful but also keep you healthy. Have a look at Helpmeorganics website (www.helpmeorganics.com)

During the last 25years I have been very lucky to meet lots of wonderful people (and look forward to meeting even more in years to come). I have enjoyed hearing your news and that you have been interested in my news too, this has meant so much to me. So this Friday (6th December) come along and enjoy a glass of champagne to celebrate this brave leap of faith that I could make Simply Relaxing work. I do have to say that my business plan has been updated many times and is now my masterplan to take my business into a chapter where I take my foot ever so slightly off the pedal and enjoy lots of other things too.

I have always said that you have to have a balance and maybe its time that I get some balance too but I am definately 100% as passionate about Simply Relaxing and bringing more new therapies for you to enjoy even if only 3 days a week but lets see how things get set up. I will always put you first.

Please read through all the special offers and Christmas packages, we do still offer vouchers but I am trying to get you to arrange the treat too and maybe even bring them to the salon. A proper treat!!

The December special offer is all about boosting your immune system to help fight off coughs and colds. We use specialised manual lymphatic drainage massage techniques to pump your lymph around your body, releasing toxins as we go. It is a full body massage and we have added reflexology and an express facial to complete the treat, £55

Our Christmas Opening Times for the week running up to Christmas are available in the shop and are available on the “Christmas 2019” section on the website.

I would like to thank you for being the loveliest people I could meet, I am very lucky.

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