Hello Summer, we’ve missed you x

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Its been a long winter and from listening to many customers, this winter seems to have had caused many problems, physical and emotional. Its so lovely that I have seen people for the third time now and the difference is wonderful. It may be the arrival of summer and the chance to get out and meet friends and family but I also believe that having that “me-time” gives you a chance to lower your shoulders and also your guard. Once inside the salon, no one can ask you anything, expect anything of you and, i hope, the smells and sounds of the salon get to work.

Summer is a time to be outside as much as possible, absorb the vitamin D, fill your body with summer air and enjoy the sunshine. I tell lots of customers to hug a tree. A tree has its roots in the earth, this is the Life Blood of all of us, it has the earths energy running through it and we harness the energy by wrapping our arms around the trunk. Basically you are having Reiki, an energy treatment. But dont forget to say thank you.

Summer is also a time for hayfever but there are many ways to help. Obviously an antihistamine is good but also placing bowls of water onto windowsills to catch the pollen granules. Do this after you have closed the window. Adding one to two drops of essential oils will add an additonal layer of therapy. We like Helpmeorganics “help me, i’m feeling under the weather” organic essential oil blend. Made with head clearing, sinus clearing oils, they will diffuse around your room without any need of heat. Some people recommend adding a small layer of balm to your nostrils to again capture the pollen granules.

Treatments which are good to help with hayfever are:

Sinus Massage involves an ear candle, lymphatic facial, scalp and shoulder massage and reflexology lymph drainage – by removing excess wax from the ears and sinuses, you allow your sinuses to naturally drain. The massage helps with this too. Reflexology is very helpful to soothe and calm the body as constantly sneezing, itchy sore eyes is not relaxing.

Eyezone Therapy is really good to calm and soothe your eyes, it is a facial which concentrates on the eye area. We end the treatment with reflexology, this has a soothing effect on your lymphatic system.

With all the restrictions easing a little, I have given this alot of thought and have decided to keep everything as normal in the salon. Please keep wearing your mask into the shop, apply hand santizer on entry and I will still keep asking my questions the day before you come. This has not gone but hopefully as more age groups get vaccinated, we will gain control of it.

Have a lovely summer and I look forward to seeing you soon, Linda xx

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