Hello March

The first signs of spring are enough to fill many of us with optimism and energy that is just the tonic after a long winter. Think trees laden with delicate blossom in pretty pastel tones, or fresh green shoots awakening from dormancy, filling us with hope and optimism for the year ahead. And just as the spring bulbs and plants burst through the barren winter with their promise of life and beautiful colours, so spring people light up a room with their expressiveness, their creativity and inspirational ideas But are you a “Spring” person…

The Spring Personality

The Spring personality is infectiously enthusiastic, incredibly bright and very people-focused. Spring personalities are big on fun, they are excellent communicators, good at thinking on their feet and brimming with ideas. Clarity, simplicity and transparency are all important to them.

Their challenge is to hold themselves back as they are prone to flit from one thing to another, never quite finishing off one project before starting another. They can be seen as flaky and a little unreliable but this is only as a result of their heads literally being full of ideas.

A Spring person loves circles, polka dots, busy patterns, fine lines and glossy textures. colourwise think primrose yellow or verdant lime green


This season is for the delicate scents of nature. Fill your home with floral aromas of Helpmeorganics spring candle, “help me say hello to Spring” Enjoy a blend of Patchouli, Rose geranium, Pink Grapefruit and Lavender. Fresh clean scent to help you feel happy and energised yet calm and relaxed.

There are still plenty of coughs & colds around so use antibacterial & antiviral essential oils…try Helpmeorganics “help me, i’m feeling under the weather” essential oil blend in your home and workplace. 1 -2 drops on a tissue will help protect you & keep your sinuses clear.


As we mention before, there are plenty of viruses about so making sure your lymphatic system is working efficiently is very important, by having a regular massage or reflexology will help increase your immunity.

Sinuses can become sluggish so consider having a Hopi Ear Candle to clear away congested wax, maybe combine it with the Sinus massage which includes reflexology lymph drainage too.


We think Mothers (and maternal figures in our lives) are very super important to our health & wellbeing so its lovely to make a fuss of them. Why not book them in for a treatment, bring them along then afterwards take your mum for a coffee or a meal. We have lots of ideas on our website but maybe this one will be just what you are looking for:

  • Holistic Facial with Jade rollers, natural face lift , masks and massage
  • with Reflexology
  • Cost £65
  • includes a Helpmeorganics “help me say hello to Spring” soy candle

We can write your gift on a voucher with the day & time for her treat, the whole session will take 75 minutes and she will feel totally pampered


The special offer for March is the Mongolian Koyashai Hot Milk Massage with Express Facial, just £45

This wonderful massage is based on Ayurvedic principles, this treatment would be carried out by women on women the eve of a wedding in Mongolia and would involve Yak milk, we use something far nicer! It is a very relaxing treatment which balances the “Chi” energy or in ayurvedic terms, the “wind” which flows around your body. The massage commences with the back, chickpea flour is used to exfoliate the back, then using hot milk to clean and hydrate, specific massage techniques ease away tension held deep in your muscles, warm coconut oil soothes and relaxes your back. Then once lying on your back, a cooling soothing eye massage relieves tension, clears away toxins, this is followed by a scalp and shoulder massage. Then it’s off to your feet when THE best foot massage using warmed oil to ease away tension and rebalance the “wind/energy”. It is important that we cool your eyes and warm your feet so that the energy can flow freely around your body. You will enjoy an Express Facial to rehydrate your complexion, perfect for March.
The word “Koyashai” means Sun and Moon.

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