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As you may well of heard, beauty & Holistic salons are not included with the businesses on July 4th. I find this ridiculous and insulting but thats how it is. The government has shown an ignorance to what Holistic therapy is, if you are missing your treatment, it would be lovely for you to write to our MP, Mr Timpson. I have!

I have taken this time to complete my level 3 teacher training and intend to study for my level 4. I have also completed a course on Health & Safety Covid-19 which has given me lots of things to do in the salon. It will look very clinical which is not how I want things but right now, I will do everything to get Simply Relaxing open for you to come back for much needed therapy.

I will give you more information as soon as I receive a firm date by the FHT and Im sorry its taking so long. I remember saying to a customer how lovely 2020 sounds, my goodness we will not forget this year quickly. I hope everybody is managing to stay healthy, I will get back to my daily tips but the news last week knocked me a little but Im back on form again!!!

July is a lovely month to get outside, its exactly half way through the year and the days are longer and lighter, the perfect time to go for a walk or potter in your garden. The bees are busy and you all know I say to plant different plants for bees as they have a different proboscis, some need a flat open flower others a tube type flower. If you are lucky to have a bees nest, wow well done. They will not hurt you or your family and tend to fly off quite quickly. Butterflies are about too, they love Buddleia and sedums

Well only a short update but I will keep my website, facebook and the shop window up to date.

Please dont worry about gift vouchers, they will have a 6month valid date from the day I reopen but keep them safe as you will need to produce it. Courses have been frozen and will continue from the date I reopen.

Stay safe and healthy, love to you all

Linda xx

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