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I am writing this with the rain hitting the window, I think i can definately say that summer has ended and we are in autumn. Some may think this is a sad time but autumn is a beautiful vibrant season which often gets overlooked as we get busy for Christmas. So lets revel in Autumn.

If it important to get prepare, spend as much time as possible in the daylight to stock up on vitamin D, this helps with your mood and general health.

Being outside is very beneficial for our lymphatic system too, we are more active which means that lymph is pumped around our body clearing toxins and bringing fresh lymphocytes to fight infections.

There are many ways to boost your lymphatic system

1… be active even if thats dancing, running, gardening, just moving

2… drink water. If you are hydrated, your body is more efficient. I am a fan of hot water as this is kinder to your digestive system and flushes away toxins better

3… skin brush. You can do this by hand in the morning on dry skin before your shower. Begin at your ankles and with a sweeping motion, move up to your head. This is stimulating your circulation which again helps to fight infections as it brings fresh nutritious blood to your organs and joints

4… Use aromatherapy in your home and workplace. Make it organic aromatherapy too as this is more therapeutic and grown without pesticides

Here are our suggestions:

“help me, i’m feeling under the weather” essential oil blend

antibacterial essential oil blend

Powerful antibacterial essential oils of Eucalyptus, Tea Tree, Peppermint, Lavender and Tangerine will help clear sinuses, ease headaches and help to fight autumns coughs and colds

We like to add 2-3 drops in bowls of water and place around your home and home office to create a wonderful scent

5… The best treatments for autumn are:

  • Hopi ear candles which help to remove wax plugs which prevent your sinuses clearing naturally. You can also have the Sinus Massage which involves the ear candles, reflexology and a lymphatic facial massage
  • Warm Bamboo massage warms your muscles and eases toxins which make you feel achy so you move less. See our offer for October
  • Holistic Facial nourishes your skin plus we use “meridian tapping” to boost your energy.
  • Lymphatic drainage massage (and reflexology lymph drainage) is the perfect treatment to get your immune system at its best. If you struggle with seasonal coughs and colds, this is definately one for you. See our November offer
  • If you struggle with SAD, there are plenty of things to do now

1… make the most of getting outside

2…make a mood board for what you want to do in 2021

3…use aromatherapy to help relax you

helps to calm and soothe your mind.
organic essential oil blend

“help me have mindful of calm” essential oil blend uses organic essential oils of Frankincense, Geranium Bourbon and Lavender to ease feelings of anxiety, stress and being over whelmed

So lets make this Autumn as vibrant as the colours and as scented as we can.

Have a look at our Christmas treatments available on our website

This year we are not issuing gift vouchers whilst everyone enjoys the vouchers still outstanding. They are valid up to 31.1.21

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