Have a lovely Christmas

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It wont be the same but it can still be enjoyable so lets embrace Christmas for its true meaning. Reflect on the good things, the positives as Christmas is all about a wonderful “Light”, the birth of our saviour. It is also a time for family, the look in a childs face is priceless, this year I think we should all forget what we cant have or do and enjoy the bits we can, spending time with people we love. After this year, our families and friends are worth celebrating, I am so sorry if you cannot be with people you love, it will be tough but good times are on the horizon i am sure.

It is important to keep healthy. Keep a 2m distance, wash hands, wear our masks. Using essential oils within the home can help to fight bacteria, viruses. Tea tree, eucalyptus, Lavender, peppermint are the four most powerful essential oils around and Helpmeorganics has combined them in “help me, i’m feeling under the weather” products. Use them in bowls of water placed around your home, room sprays to spray in the hallway, car and kitchen. Candles to burn after cooking. Fill your home with this antibacterial scent, my home does so consider using these powerhouses too

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