Happy New Year!!!

Hello 2020

I hope you had a lovely Christmas and are ready to take hold of this new year. If you received a gift voucher,  please keep them safe as you will need to bring it with you, our vouchers have a 6- month valid period which takes you the 30th June 2020. If we move before June 2020, I will extend the valid date by a month as I will be taking a month’s holiday to settle us into our new salon so no need to worry.  From now on though, if you would like to buy a voucher   I will be asking you to arrange their appointment when you buy the voucher.  Last year ALL Christmas vouchers were enjoyed which is wonderful so it proves that it works being a little mindful to arrange the treatment. A few ladies were delivered to the salon and collected again afterward, all said that it made the gift extra special.

The Special Offer for January is a Back, neck and shoulder massage with Express Facial, just £40. Nice and simple to get you back into the swing of things.  This year let’s not have “Blue Monday”, instead have “Sunshine Monday”.

The Christmas packages are still available until 31.01.20 .

I have been working on the Holistic Facial…..please have a read of our NEW Holistic Facial
●  Express back massage
●  Deep Cleanse, Papaya Exfoliation treatment to remove dead skin cells
●  Lymphatic Facial  Drainage massage to stimulate natural drainage followed by Ridolki rollers to stimulate your circulation
●  Japanese Tuboki facial acupressure Massage…a natural facelift
●  Scalp massage
●  Treatment mask to address any skin imperfections/imbalance
●  Collagen face masque with Jade roller to increase the absorption of collage
●  Application of moisturisers and serums

Introduction price £51 (ends 30.3.20)

The Winter Special Offer – to warm you and your muscles up!!
Hot Stone Massage with Express Facial £65

Top Tip for January
Try and drink hot water as much as possible as this is kinder to your digestive system. A healthy digestive system = a healthy immune system

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