Get ready for the Season change to Autumn

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Here we are in August, just a couple of weeks to the August Bank holiday and it has been a gorgeous summer so far but Autumn is coming .  When we have a change in the season, your body can take time to adjust due to the changes in daylight amounts, am I the only one who feels the nights are a little longer. But before we find our jumpers there is a hopeful chance of an “Indian Summer” to come with those fabulous cool mornings, hot days but nippy evenings, I love them!


So what can we do to help ease our body into the new season?  There are many ways to gently boost your immunity,

  • make sure you are eating lots of fresh foods, not processed, just good wholesome veg, fruits and fish/chicken
  • start using essential oils in your home. try “help me, i’m feeling under the weather” blend from Helpmeorganics to provide a protective environment at home and work.  With the children returning to school in the following few weeks, they can bring home coughs & colds as they adjust to school life again. We can return to full time lives after the fun of summer so take a tissue with you to work to place at your work area to fight off the office bugs.
  • If you find the change in season causes a shift in your “happiness” level, Bach Flower remedy “Walnut” helps you to adjust to change, this added with using aromatherapy will protect you whilst you get used to Autumn.
  • Getting outside as much as possible enjoying fresh air and daylight to get a good dose of Vitamin D, otherwise known as the “sunshine vitamin”.
  • Enjoy holistic treatments, all will boost your serotonin levels, ease achy muscles and keep your sinuses clear. Reflexology is a brilliant therapy to create a balance within your body and on an emotional level too, it has been a beautiful summer so far and there can be a sadness that “it has gone now, just winter to come” feeling. Embrace Autumn, think hot chocolate, great piles of leaves, the fantastic colour show by the trees, all this is to be enjoyed.
  • In Mindfullness, we are encouraged to enjoy the “here and now”, not to worry about the past or the future, it is a wonderful way to control your feelings.  Simply get comfy, place your hands on your stomach and notice your breathing without the need to change anything, just allow your breathing to slow in its own pace, your mind will calm and you will feel relaxed.  If you struggle with anxiety, try using “help me have a Mindful of calm” blend by Helpmeorganics. It is a blend of Frankincense, Lavender and Geranium essential oils and will help ease your thoughts.
  • Make a mood board of all the things you enjoyed during summer and what you have planned for Autumn and Winter.  Pack it full of all sorts, the fuller the better and the colourful the better so that on a cold frosty winters day, you will have your own patch of summer in your kitchen.

At Simply Relaxing, we are busy getting ready for Autumn, I love this time of year its so busy.  To help you embrace Autumn, we have devised our special Autumnal Offer……



Malay (Indonesian) Navel Candling & Abdomen Detox Therapy is an extremely effective treatment. This abdominal and navel therapy belongs to the oldest form of therapy within the traditional Malay Medicine. The aim is to work the entire body by combining different  manual techniques such as Urut (massage) , herbs (applied externally) to abdomen, and navel candling in order to achieve a flow of Qi and blood along the meridians and organs and regulating them. By the help of this stimulation and regulation the functioning of the 4 elements (Malay organic system) is being restored

Traditional Malay Massage helps rid the body of excess ‘onion’ or wind helping to release negative energy.  The abdomen houses vital organs and is a very important part of the body. The abdominal cavity comprises of the stomach, diaphragm, colon, small intestine, liver, pancreas, and gall bladder. The health of the abdomen lies with the stomach, the digestion process and reproductive organs.

  • Abdominal massage is best for problems related to constipation.
  • It promotes elimination, and secretion of hormones.
  • It stimulates liver and gall-bladder.
  • It strengthens weak and relaxed abdominal muscles.
  • It breaks down adhesion’s.
  • It helps in aligning the pelvic bones.
  • It adjusts the uterus to its proper position in case of problems.
  • It releases muscular armoring in the trunk and enhance circulation of blood and lymphatic fluids.
  • It releases deep muscle tissue spasms in the entire abdominal area
  • Abdomen massage produces heat, which melts adipose tissue or fat.
  • It releases deep muscle tissue spasms in the entire abdominal area
  • Abdomen massage produces heat, which melts adipose tissue or fat.
  • General improvement in blood circulation benefits the blood vessels in the abdominal cavity.
  • The liver, the gall-bladder, and the pancreas receive a large share of oxygen and nutrients and release their metabolic waste products.
  • Abdomen massage helps open the abdominal cavity and release the fascia so the organs can lay unrestricted in their natural positions in the abdominal cavity.
  • Can lift the spirits and increase the energy of the receiver by stimulating the nerve endings in the abdominal plexus
  • Improves immune system & Metabolism
  • Improves irregular menstruation & Pain
  • Reduces Water Retention
  • Helps in gastric problem
  • Helps in Bloated Stomach
  • Improve Blood pressure
  • Helps Constipation

We have added reflexology to complete this immune boosting treatment, perfect to bring balance and a deep level of detox.

Just £45