Detox the natural way with Seaweed

By / 3rd February, 2017 / Special Offers / Off

February is the month when the days begin to stretch a little longer and we begin to notice nature beginning to wake up after the long winters nap.

This is the perfect time to assess how our body is feeling.  Sluggish?  Lethargic?  Uninspired?  They may all be true but we can do something about it, after all the Spring will want to know what we did all Winter!!!

A Bodywrap  treatment consists of being wrapped in heat retaining foil after having a mask applied to your body, a bit like a facial mask. You will then be wrapped up in warm towels and blankets to keep you warm and cosy whilst the wrap gets to work.  We use Seaweed in our bodywrap as it contains a host of vitamins and minerals to replenish as it stimulates the natural cleansing process.  After 15 minutes we get you into the shower to rinse away any residue from the mask then once again its back on the heated couch to apply a detoxifying oil.

You are left to relax snug and warm whilst we massage your scalp to deepen your relaxation, after 10 minutes we leave you to get dressed and drink your first glass of water, it is essential to drink water throughout the next 48 hours to prevent headaches.  Your body is now detoxing, you can help by eating white meat, fish, vegetables and no red meat or spicy foods.  After 48 hours, your skin will feel wonderful, your energy levels will have increased and you will have that zip in your step that was missing.

But don’t stop there, this is just the beginning.  Dry skin brushing every morning before your shower activates your circulation, drinking a glass of warm-hot water with a splash of lemon juice will cleanse your solon.  Eating seasonal organic foods give your body all the vitamins and minerals required for a happy healthy body, no need for synthetic multi vitamins.

We recommend a seaweed bodywrap 2/3 times per years if you live a pressured lifestyle as this helps to cleanse, stimulate and rebalance your entire body and it is very relaxing too!

We have placed our bodywrap on our Spring offer until 31st March 2017….You will enjoy the wrap and an Express facial for just £40 (a saving of £40) so go on theres no reason to struggle with repetitive infections or colds, give your body the Springclean it needs.