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How fragile is Self Confidence?  I consider myself to be a confident person yet recently I found myself getting upset and actively avoiding driving a new vehicle and this made me realise that your self confidence is very fragile and needs to be nurtured just as much as your physical self.

There are several holistic methods to build your confidence. Firstly the Bach Flower remedy ” Larch” uses homeopathy to give a gentle boost.  There are Mindfullness techniques which teach you to focus on your breathing to calm and focus your mind.  Aromatherapy essential oil Bergamot and Yasmine safely work on the Olfactory system, sending positive messages from your brain to relax.

There are many other methods of counselling, CBT develops different ways of building your own self confidence but I decided to be brave and trust that I can do it,  in my case thus paid off but I am now fully appreciative that I will never take it for granted again and will nurture my confidence as much as I do other parts of me.


There is a difference between Self confidence and Self esteem. ..self confidence is believing that you can achieve something without worrying too much about not succeeding or what other people may think …self esteem is what you feel about yourself and how worthwhile you think you are.

The Bach Flower Remedies for improving your self esteem are Larch and Crab Apple which helps to improve our own self image or personality but I would always recommend using both remedies together.

Treatment wise, Reiki is the perfect therapy to boost the way you feel about yourself, it is a gentle healing system.