Special Dates for December & Christmas

Saturday 5TH DECEMBER IS “SMALL BUSINESS SATURDAY” and this year it is more important than ever to support local small business/shops. Instead of filling Mr Amazons pockets, lets consider our own nations businesses and our local economy.  There are marvellous makers & independent shops that source their gifts away from China. When you buy from a small business, you make someones day with your purchase! I know as it puts a smile on my face x

Simply Relaxing will be open 9am until 12 midday

Saturday 12th December – we are open 9am until 12 midday

Saturday 19th December – we are open 9am until 12 midday

Christmas Eve – we are open 9am until 1pm

Tuesday 29th – 10am until 1pm

Wednesday 30th – 10am until 1pm

Thursday 31st – 10am until 1pm

We are then closed until Tuesday 5th January 2021

If you want to buy a gift voucher, please arrange a day/time as we are operating a “one customer at a time” system to keep it all simple and safe


I am writing this with the rain hitting the window, I think i can definately say that summer has ended and we are in autumn. Some may think this is a sad time but autumn is a beautiful vibrant season which often gets overlooked as we get busy for Christmas. So lets revel in Autumn.

If it important to get prepare, spend as much time as possible in the daylight to stock up on vitamin D, this helps with your mood and general health.

Being outside is very beneficial for our lymphatic system too, we are more active which means that lymph is pumped around our body clearing toxins and bringing fresh lymphocytes to fight infections.

There are many ways to boost your lymphatic system

1… be active even if thats dancing, running, gardening, just moving

2… drink water. If you are hydrated, your body is more efficient. I am a fan of hot water as this is kinder to your digestive system and flushes away toxins better

3… skin brush. You can do this by hand in the morning on dry skin before your shower. Begin at your ankles and with a sweeping motion, move up to your head. This is stimulating your circulation which again helps to fight infections as it brings fresh nutritious blood to your organs and joints

4… Use aromatherapy in your home and workplace. Make it organic aromatherapy too as this is more therapeutic and grown without pesticides

Here are our suggestions:

“help me, i’m feeling under the weather” essential oil blend

antibacterial essential oil blend

Powerful antibacterial essential oils of Eucalyptus, Tea Tree, Peppermint, Lavender and Tangerine will help clear sinuses, ease headaches and help to fight autumns coughs and colds

We like to add 2-3 drops in bowls of water and place around your home and home office to create a wonderful scent

5… The best treatments for autumn are:

  • Hopi ear candles which help to remove wax plugs which prevent your sinuses clearing naturally. You can also have the Sinus Massage which involves the ear candles, reflexology and a lymphatic facial massage
  • Warm Bamboo massage warms your muscles and eases toxins which make you feel achy so you move less. See our offer for October
  • Holistic Facial nourishes your skin plus we use “meridian tapping” to boost your energy.
  • Lymphatic drainage massage (and reflexology lymph drainage) is the perfect treatment to get your immune system at its best. If you struggle with seasonal coughs and colds, this is definately one for you. See our November offer
  • If you struggle with SAD, there are plenty of things to do now

1… make the most of getting outside

2…make a mood board for what you want to do in 2021

3…use aromatherapy to help relax you

helps to calm and soothe your mind.
organic essential oil blend

“help me have mindful of calm” essential oil blend uses organic essential oils of Frankincense, Geranium Bourbon and Lavender to ease feelings of anxiety, stress and being over whelmed

So lets make this Autumn as vibrant as the colours and as scented as we can.

Have a look at our Christmas treatments available on our website

This year we are not issuing gift vouchers whilst everyone enjoys the vouchers still outstanding. They are valid up to 31.1.21

How to make the most of Autumn

Here we are saying hello to September and the change from summer to autumn which, can be, a real shift in how we feel. We must take extra care of our immune system and eat extra healthily to boost our lymphatic system so that our body can fight off viruses, coughs and colds. you can help by doing these suggestions:

1… Eat more vegetables and fruits/salads as these contain minerals which are highly nutritious, thankfully they are in abundance. Blackberries are coming into season now and are packed full of iron and vitamin C. Have you tried smoothies? They are an excellent way of getting lots of different food groups, grains into a filling snack.

2…September is “Sourdough Month”. Sourdough is an excellent way to get extra iron into your diet and the healthy bacteria used to make sourdough really helps your digestion. A healthy gut will help to fight off infections.

3..Use essential oils within your home and workplace. With schools and colleges returning, it is essential to create a protective bubble around our families. Try Helpmeorganics “help me, i’m feeling under the weather” blend, a powerful antibacterial, antiviral and antiseptic blend of organic essential oils have been combined to create a range of products for you to use. With alot of us working from home, there is no reason why you cant incorporate scent into your homelife easier.

4.. September is also Organic month. I am a great believer is eating organic foods, they retain maximum nutrients , are not grown with pesticides and have no impact on nature. The farmers protect the soil structure and welcome insects to help keep the crops healthy. Lets support all organic farmers by buying organic. Its not only eating organic food, using organic products within our home, office and garden is vital to protect insects, wildlife, soil and our waterways. There are many businesses who produce organic products and they tend to be smaller businesses so why not investigate them. Speaking from someone who creates her own organic aromatherapy products, it makes my day when someone buys a candle, room spray, blend, massage oil or gift.

5…Getting out for a long walk is very healthy for our vitamin D levels, our body makes it from sunshine and theres no nicer sunshine than an autumn day. The leaves are changing colour to rich russets, spicy orange, yellows, greens and browns, if you are feeling stressed, spend time connecting in nature. There is no lovelier light than the autumnal light…enjoy it!!

The special offer for September is the Balinese massage with reflexology (£50), this begins with an exfoliation, balinese massage which boosts your energy and helps you to relax. Then after reflexology we apply a hydrating body lotion to seal in the moisture. All this is done without you moving a muscle.

Do you born in Autumn? Here are my observations:

Autumn, season of mists, the garden is at its bountiful peak, flowers are getting ready for their last hurrah and there is a feeling of exuberance and productivity. Colours are bold, intense, muted and very beautiful. Leaves turn an intense shades of red, copper, gold and yellow before fluttering to the ground and leaving a very different landscape at the end of season to the one we started with. The gentle pace of summer is over, autumn runs at a pace.

Passionate, energetic, enthusiastic and highly independent, autumn personalities love to challenge established norms. They are great campaigners and have a strong sense of justice. Warm, friendly, loyal and earthy people, they have a great love and respect for the natural world.

An autumn person often takes on too much, but their organisation, practicality and strong work ethic means that they will rarely let you down. Integrity is very important to them. Whilst family and friends are at the heart of an autumn personality, so is personal achievement. They are lifelong learners and their professional status is very important to them.

An autumn person finds it difficult to see things from others perspectives and can be stubborn when challenged. Whilst they can be bossy, they will be loyal.

An autumn persons loves the past and is often fascinated by history, they can be collectors.

If you have a child off to uni for the first time or returning after Covid

Maybe your child is off to live in accomodation for the first time being away from home, you can help to fight off Freshers flu by giving them a room spray from helpmeorganics “help me, I’m feeling under the weather”. 1-2 bursts in 2 corners will create a protective bubble. If they are feeling homesick, there’s plenty to help:

1… Headspace or the calm app are excellent as they are apps for their phones. Simply pop your headphones in and do some mindful breathing.

2… Rescue remedy is perfect. They are flower essences which help to remedy emotional states of mind. 4 drops in a cold drink will help bring them back into control.

3.. Use “help me have a mindful of calm” room spray at night to help with sleep

What treatments will help me feel healthy during Autumn

1… Try our september offer, massage helps to pump your lymph around and brings fresh nutritious blood to your muscles and organs

2…Ear candles and Sinus Massage helps to clear wax plugs so that your sinuses can drain naturally

3…Look out for our offer in October….The Warm Bamboo massage. Autumn is perfect to enjoy a warming massage

The transition from summer to autumn can be a test for how healthy you are but by eating well, lots of fresh air and using organic essential oils, you will beable to enjoy this most colourful time of the year

Summer at Simply Relaxing

We have been told that we can restart Facial treatments, Hopi Ear Candles and Sinus Massage from August 1st 2020, if you would like to book in please let me know.

If you are nervous about coming for a treatment, I have answered some questions to help;

We have been able to reopen but with strict guidelines:

What do I have to do before my appointment:

I will contact you the day before you are due to come to ask 2 health questions:

  • “Have you been in contact with anyone showing symptoms of Covid-19?”
  • “Are you showing any symptoms of Covid-19?”

You need to reply yes/no. If YES, we may need to move your appointment forward 7 days to be safe, if NO, then brilliant I will look forward to seeing you the next day.

Please do not bring any food/drink with you for your treatment, I am unable to give you water so maybe have a drink before you leave you car.

Please do not bring anyone with you as there are no chairs in reception.

Please do arrive on time, if you have a problem, contact me

What happens when I arrive?

On arrival, I will take your temperature and note it, then ask for a contact number for NHS Test and Trace service. After you have applied hand sanitizer, I will take you through to the salon for you to enjoy your treatment.

Do I have to wear a mask?

It is good practise to wear a facial mask to come to the salon however I would suggest removing it for your treatment for comfort reasons. I will be wearing a visor and mask. If you would like to wear your mask for your treatment, this is perfectly fine too.

What precautions are in place?

  • I have removed all soft furnishings as they can harbour the virus, I have replaced them with “wipeable” chairs/tables
  • I have removed the gowns
  • I have replaced the hand towels with paper towels in the WC and again added a further hand sanitizer “no contact” dispenser along with a “no contact” soap dispenser
  • There is a diffuser in the shop pumping out an antibacterial blend between appointments
  • After every client, the premises are closed for cleaning and ventilation
  • I will wear both a visor and face mask
  • All products in the shop are in clear boxes, please do not open the boxes yourself, as this will mean a possible contamination

What happens to the information taken on my arrival?

  • I have to take personal contact and health information for the purposes of the NHS Test and Trace only. After 21 days, this information is shredded.
  • I will NOT use this information for marketing purposes and will NOT share it with anyone without your consent
  • If there is an occasion when I am asked by NHS Test and Trace for information regarding clients for a particular day, I will first ask you for your permission and also to make you aware that they will be in touch.
  • By arranging an appointment, you are confirming that you are happy with the precautions put in place and that all the information given is correct.

What happens when I pay for my treatment?

  • Please pay by debit/credit card. I am unable to accept cash
  • I am also unable to print a card receipt, however my machine can send you a receipt via text or email which can be arranged whilst you are in the shop.

I would like to buy a gift voucher?

At the moment, I am not able to sell gift vouchers, I will reassess this from time to time and will reintroduce vouchers when advised to do so. The guidelines state that I cannot issue any paper items, vouchers, receipts, price lists and appointment cards.

How will I make a note of my next appointment?

I will text, email or facebook message you with your next appointment

What is the aftercare following my treatment?

  • Please make sure you drink water
  • Spend time relaxing
  • If you begin to show symptoms of Covid-19 within 7 days, I need to know
  • Look forward to your next visit to Simply Relaxing
  • Tell your friends how lovely, safe and professional we are!!

July Special Offer

  • Back neck and shoulder massage
  • Reflexology
  • £40

Summer Special Offer

  • Full Body massage
  • Holistic Facial
  • Reflexology
  • £65

Welcome back, ive missed you x

When the government decided that, carefully, Simply could reopen, it was the best news I’ve had in ages. But they have decided that I am unable to offer you any facial treatments, hopefully, this won’t be for long but there’s many treatments that you can enjoy!

The Special Offer for July is…

Back neck and shoulder massage to ease any tense muscles

Reflexology to help rebalance and restore you

an hour treatment for £40

If you have a gift voucher, please get in touch when you are ready. The valid date for all outstanding vouchers is 31.1.21 so theres no rush but please keep the voucher safe as you will need it.

The salon will look alot different when you come. All soft furnishings have been removed and wipeable furniture is in its place. I will be wearing a visor and mask for your safety and theres lots of hand sanitiser at various points in the salon. When you arrive, please use the santizer and I will take your temperature.

The evening before your appointment, I will contact you to confirm that you have not been in contact with someone showing signs of Covid19 or that you are showing symptoms. I will also confirm my situation too. If your appointment needs to be rearranged, I will move it 7 days on so theres no need to worry about anything.

Hello July

As you may well of heard, beauty & Holistic salons are not included with the businesses on July 4th. I find this ridiculous and insulting but thats how it is. The government has shown an ignorance to what Holistic therapy is, if you are missing your treatment, it would be lovely for you to write to our MP, Mr Timpson. I have!

I have taken this time to complete my level 3 teacher training and intend to study for my level 4. I have also completed a course on Health & Safety Covid-19 which has given me lots of things to do in the salon. It will look very clinical which is not how I want things but right now, I will do everything to get Simply Relaxing open for you to come back for much needed therapy.

I will give you more information as soon as I receive a firm date by the FHT and Im sorry its taking so long. I remember saying to a customer how lovely 2020 sounds, my goodness we will not forget this year quickly. I hope everybody is managing to stay healthy, I will get back to my daily tips but the news last week knocked me a little but Im back on form again!!!

July is a lovely month to get outside, its exactly half way through the year and the days are longer and lighter, the perfect time to go for a walk or potter in your garden. The bees are busy and you all know I say to plant different plants for bees as they have a different proboscis, some need a flat open flower others a tube type flower. If you are lucky to have a bees nest, wow well done. They will not hurt you or your family and tend to fly off quite quickly. Butterflies are about too, they love Buddleia and sedums

Well only a short update but I will keep my website, facebook and the shop window up to date.

Please dont worry about gift vouchers, they will have a 6month valid date from the day I reopen but keep them safe as you will need to produce it. Courses have been frozen and will continue from the date I reopen.

Stay safe and healthy, love to you all

Linda xx

June Newsletter

June is a lovely month to get outside and enjoy the long days.  Stock up on vitamin D if you can by being outside.  We are still in the tight grasp of covid-19 but we can get out for a walk to stretch our legs.

We will be able to reopen from the 6th July and many if you have been booking appointments which is lovely.  I have had to put a few guidelines in place to make sure everything goes to plan and keeps us all safe.

1….I am limited to maximum of 4 customers per day as I have to ventilate the salon for an hour and deep clean between each client.

2… please use the hand sanitizer in the shop when you arrive

3… I will be wearing a mask. You don’t have to wear a mask but feel free to wear a mask and/or gloves but they will have to be removed during your massage or facial treatment.

4… I will contact you the day before to check that you have no Covid symptoms or have been in contact with people showing signs if Covid. I will also confirm my situation too.

5… please bring your own water as I am not allowed to offer you water in the salon

6… Gift vouchers will be valid until 31.01.21

Special Offer for June 

The Prescriptive Massage with Express Facial £55

Perfect to get you feeling happy, healthy and ready to enjoy summer. It involves a full body massage, reflexology, energy balancing and an Express facial to rehydrate your complexion.

Summer Special Offer

Top to Toe  £65

  • Begins with a full body massage 
  • Reflexology 
  • Holistic Facial

Guaranteed to leave you feeling on top of the World

Summer Personality

As summer temperatures soar, so colours take on a more delicate, muted tone. Think hazy, lazy summer days by the beach and long lingering evenings sharing supper outside with friends and family.

The pace in summer is altogether more considered and the manic energy that spring brought with her has faded. Do we achieve less in summer, absolutely not but summer personalities are less inclined to jump up and down and tell the world constantly about their every move.

Often graceful, elegant and stylish, quality is key to the summer personality. With a strongly intuitive and romantic side, many summer businesses formed in the summer months, have strong links to the wedding industry.

Summer personalities are efficient, productive and well-organised. Detail is everything and they leave no stone unturned in their quest for perfection. They thrive on structure  order and process, they dislike rapid change.

Summer personalities tend to be reserved in sharing their opinion, they are much more likely to observe a situation and hold back on their thoughts until asked. This can sometimes lead others to see them as a walk over. But don’t be fooled. They know their own, minds and are much more resilient than you give them credit for.

Summer personalities can sometimes lack spontaneityxwhich can be frustrating for others around them. They seldom show their emotions and their naturally reserved nature can be seen as stand-offish.  Their drive for perfection can hold them back  but they will always be realistic. They are supportive  sensitive to feelings of others and have a strong sense of responsibility. 

Colours….cool, delicate think english rose and lavender

So how are you doing????

This is a very strange and worrying time for everyone, I hope you are managing to stay healthy, occupied and at home. If you are working from home, try and keep to your normal daily pattern, take regular breaks and be mindful of your posture.

If you are a “key worker”, please take great care. Make time to meditate to allow the pressure to be released every day. Try and eat healthily to maintain your energy levels and of course, make sure you stay safe.

Essential oils can help with a wide range of issues caused by what’s happening at the moment. From antibacterial, antiviral oils (lavender, eucalyptus, tea tree) to anxiety-reducing oils (geranium, frankincense, lavender). Use them at home, in your workspace to help.

I have adjusted the special offers for later this summer, I will keep adjusting them until I can fling my doors open again. As soon as I can, I will be back in touch to get you all booked in.

One mad thought I’ve started to plan Christmas!!!!

Please take care and stay safe

The Corona Virus


  • These are strange times, here at Simply Relaxing we take your health, safety and happiness very serious.  Recently the number of customers able to come for treatments has drastically reduced..so I have decided to make a change to protect you and me.
  • Until further notice, our shop/salon will not be open unless you have an appointment.  I am still working as normal but will only be open if I have a customer.
  • If you would like to book an appointment or buy a product/voucher please email me: linda@simply-relaxing.com and I will be more than happy to help.
  • Once we have beaten this virus, Simply Relaxing will be back to normal opening times but until then please keep in touch by email or Facebook messenger if you need me.

In the meantime, fill your home with Helpmeorganics “help me, I’m feeling under the weather” antibacterial essential oil blend.

Please keep an eye on our website and social media for up to date information. Any vouchers will be extended so don’t worry. Xx  

Hello March

The first signs of spring are enough to fill many of us with optimism and energy that is just the tonic after a long winter. Think trees laden with delicate blossom in pretty pastel tones, or fresh green shoots awakening from dormancy, filling us with hope and optimism for the year ahead. And just as the spring bulbs and plants burst through the barren winter with their promise of life and beautiful colours, so spring people light up a room with their expressiveness, their creativity and inspirational ideas But are you a “Spring” person…

The Spring Personality

The Spring personality is infectiously enthusiastic, incredibly bright and very people-focused. Spring personalities are big on fun, they are excellent communicators, good at thinking on their feet and brimming with ideas. Clarity, simplicity and transparency are all important to them.

Their challenge is to hold themselves back as they are prone to flit from one thing to another, never quite finishing off one project before starting another. They can be seen as flaky and a little unreliable but this is only as a result of their heads literally being full of ideas.

A Spring person loves circles, polka dots, busy patterns, fine lines and glossy textures. colourwise think primrose yellow or verdant lime green


This season is for the delicate scents of nature. Fill your home with floral aromas of Helpmeorganics spring candle, “help me say hello to Spring” Enjoy a blend of Patchouli, Rose geranium, Pink Grapefruit and Lavender. Fresh clean scent to help you feel happy and energised yet calm and relaxed.

There are still plenty of coughs & colds around so use antibacterial & antiviral essential oils…try Helpmeorganics “help me, i’m feeling under the weather” essential oil blend in your home and workplace. 1 -2 drops on a tissue will help protect you & keep your sinuses clear.


As we mention before, there are plenty of viruses about so making sure your lymphatic system is working efficiently is very important, by having a regular massage or reflexology will help increase your immunity.

Sinuses can become sluggish so consider having a Hopi Ear Candle to clear away congested wax, maybe combine it with the Sinus massage which includes reflexology lymph drainage too.


We think Mothers (and maternal figures in our lives) are very super important to our health & wellbeing so its lovely to make a fuss of them. Why not book them in for a treatment, bring them along then afterwards take your mum for a coffee or a meal. We have lots of ideas on our website but maybe this one will be just what you are looking for:

  • Holistic Facial with Jade rollers, natural face lift , masks and massage
  • with Reflexology
  • Cost £65
  • includes a Helpmeorganics “help me say hello to Spring” soy candle

We can write your gift on a voucher with the day & time for her treat, the whole session will take 75 minutes and she will feel totally pampered


The special offer for March is the Mongolian Koyashai Hot Milk Massage with Express Facial, just £45

This wonderful massage is based on Ayurvedic principles, this treatment would be carried out by women on women the eve of a wedding in Mongolia and would involve Yak milk, we use something far nicer! It is a very relaxing treatment which balances the “Chi” energy or in ayurvedic terms, the “wind” which flows around your body. The massage commences with the back, chickpea flour is used to exfoliate the back, then using hot milk to clean and hydrate, specific massage techniques ease away tension held deep in your muscles, warm coconut oil soothes and relaxes your back. Then once lying on your back, a cooling soothing eye massage relieves tension, clears away toxins, this is followed by a scalp and shoulder massage. Then it’s off to your feet when THE best foot massage using warmed oil to ease away tension and rebalance the “wind/energy”. It is important that we cool your eyes and warm your feet so that the energy can flow freely around your body. You will enjoy an Express Facial to rehydrate your complexion, perfect for March.
The word “Koyashai” means Sun and Moon.