Hello February

February is the last month of winter, yes we can still have snow and very cold periods but we can also have those days when you feel the sun getting a little stronger. And the days are getting a little longer too…all positive!!

This month is an excellent time to get more active, begin your fitness & diet to get into shape for summer.. Body brushing is a wonderful way to wake your body up. Do it dry before your bath or shower then slather on body moisturiser afterwards to rehydrate. Drink plenty of water to flush out the toxins and you will begin to notice more energy and your skin will feel improved.


There are still lots of coughs and colds about so think about having a lymphatic drainage massage or reflexology lymph drainage to keep your immune system in good health. Lymph is pumped around your body by your breath, movement and massage and is very important to fight off infections.

Hopi Ear Candle treatment or Sinus massage helps to keep your ears clear of excess wax which allows your sinuses to drain naturally.

Warm Bamboo massage or Hot Stone massage uses warmth to keep your muscles feeling relaxed and stretchy. Both are on offer throughout February.


Warm Bamboo massage comes with reflexology to help ease any aches and pains you are feeling. The reflexology is excellent at boosting your energy and circulation, relaxing you so that you can enjoy everything this lovely month has to offer. Price £45

Hot Stone massage comes with an Express Facial. The batu stones are warmed in a water bath, it is a full body massage. Your muscles absorb the heat from the stones deeply, you can feel your muscles enjoying this massage. We have added a facial to hydrate your complexion. Cost £65

Aromatherapy for February

We recommend using Helpmeorganics “help me, I’m feeling under the weather” essential oil blend, room spray or candles in your home and workplace. They have blended organic essential oils of Eucalyptus, Tea Tree, Lavender, Peppermint and Tangerine to help fight bacteria and viruses.

Fill bowls of water and add 3-4 drops (to suit you) and leave around your home. The soy candle is ideal to clear the smell of cooking in your kitchen and the room spray adds an antibacterial instant burst of fragrance to any room or in your car.

Valentines Day

Give the Gift of Aromatherapy to someone special. Remember to arrange their treat, bring them along then maybe out for a coffee or dinner. That’s a proper gift to celebrate all things romantic.


6th February is Time to Talk Day…Mental health is vital for our wellbeing so make time to talk to each properly without the Tv or mobile phone on

25th February is Pancake Day

20th February…the new £20 note comes into circulation so make sure you dont have any old ones lying around

21-28th February is Star Count Week. If you love the night sky as much as me, it is very important that we protect our dark skies. Enter your findings via their website https://www.cpre.org.uk/get-involved/take-action/star-count-2020/

See you in March xx

Happy New Year!!!

Hello 2020

I hope you had a lovely Christmas and are ready to take hold of this new year. If you received a gift voucher,  please keep them safe as you will need to bring it with you, our vouchers have a 6- month valid period which takes you the 30th June 2020. If we move before June 2020, I will extend the valid date by a month as I will be taking a month’s holiday to settle us into our new salon so no need to worry.  From now on though, if you would like to buy a voucher   I will be asking you to arrange their appointment when you buy the voucher.  Last year ALL Christmas vouchers were enjoyed which is wonderful so it proves that it works being a little mindful to arrange the treatment. A few ladies were delivered to the salon and collected again afterward, all said that it made the gift extra special.

The Special Offer for January is a Back, neck and shoulder massage with Express Facial, just £40. Nice and simple to get you back into the swing of things.  This year let’s not have “Blue Monday”, instead have “Sunshine Monday”.

The Christmas packages are still available until 31.01.20 .

I have been working on the Holistic Facial…..please have a read of our NEW Holistic Facial
●  Express back massage
●  Deep Cleanse, Papaya Exfoliation treatment to remove dead skin cells
●  Lymphatic Facial  Drainage massage to stimulate natural drainage followed by Ridolki rollers to stimulate your circulation
●  Japanese Tuboki facial acupressure Massage…a natural facelift
●  Scalp massage
●  Treatment mask to address any skin imperfections/imbalance
●  Collagen face masque with Jade roller to increase the absorption of collage
●  Application of moisturisers and serums

Introduction price £51 (ends 30.3.20)

The Winter Special Offer – to warm you and your muscles up!!
Hot Stone Massage with Express Facial £65

Top Tip for January
Try and drink hot water as much as possible as this is kinder to your digestive system. A healthy digestive system = a healthy immune system


Winter is a beautiful time of year and one to definitely enjoy!! Yes the days can be shorter but its also a season for blankets, candles, movies, Christmas and being able to enjoy a lovely fresh walk.

This month, we celebrate our 25th birthday and I can’t believe it. 25 years ago I was nearing the end of my course and had to write a business plan, I always knew the name (Simply Relaxing) and I always knew that Holistic Therapies would be the key treatment. So my business was born.

In January 1995 i very nervously opened the doors to my shop and I do have to admit it took a time to attract my first customers. In 1995 having a regular massage was not deemed something that anyone could have as regular as having your hair cut, I am very proud to say that now having a massage, reflexology, reiki or facial is considered just as important as you have to look after yourself emotionally, physically and mentally . In 25 years this mindset has changed and I am so so very happy., how great that, hopefully, our children and grandchildren will continue to look after themselves inside and out.

Winter is a time for scent and we want you to fill your home with organic essential oils which smell beautiful but also keep you healthy. Have a look at Helpmeorganics website (www.helpmeorganics.com)

During the last 25years I have been very lucky to meet lots of wonderful people (and look forward to meeting even more in years to come). I have enjoyed hearing your news and that you have been interested in my news too, this has meant so much to me. So this Friday (6th December) come along and enjoy a glass of champagne to celebrate this brave leap of faith that I could make Simply Relaxing work. I do have to say that my business plan has been updated many times and is now my masterplan to take my business into a chapter where I take my foot ever so slightly off the pedal and enjoy lots of other things too.

I have always said that you have to have a balance and maybe its time that I get some balance too but I am definately 100% as passionate about Simply Relaxing and bringing more new therapies for you to enjoy even if only 3 days a week but lets see how things get set up. I will always put you first.

Please read through all the special offers and Christmas packages, we do still offer vouchers but I am trying to get you to arrange the treat too and maybe even bring them to the salon. A proper treat!!

The December special offer is all about boosting your immune system to help fight off coughs and colds. We use specialised manual lymphatic drainage massage techniques to pump your lymph around your body, releasing toxins as we go. It is a full body massage and we have added reflexology and an express facial to complete the treat, £55

Our Christmas Opening Times for the week running up to Christmas are available in the shop and are available on the “Christmas 2019” section on the website.

I would like to thank you for being the loveliest people I could meet, I am very lucky.

Autumn News!!

As we change from summer to autumn, this can be a diffcult change for our immune system. Be careful to protect yourself as your immune system can take a while to adjust, by making simple changes you can ward off coughs and colds.

1..Get outside as much as possible as this improves your sense of wellbeing, the fresh air keeps your airways open and the daylight (hopeful sunshine) provides vitamin D which becomes in shorter supply during winter.

2..Use Helpmeorganics “help me, i’m feeling under the weather” essential oil blend in big bowls around your home or in diffusers. Adjust the strength of aroma to suit you but we recommend starting with 1-2 drops and increase if you need to. The organic essential oils of peppermint, teatree, eucalyptus, lavender and tangering help to fight off viruses, are anti viral and anti bacterial , they will help to keep your sinuses clear. Available in the shop, online www.helpmeorganics.com or via our etsy shop.

3..Have a regular holistic treatment, reflexology really helps to boost your immune system, gets your circulation moving, calms and soothes your nervous sysystem, helps to clear sinuses and improves your general happiness.

4..Having a massage using organic essential oils, really ensures that any muscular tension, trapped nerve or feeling of anxiety can be nipped in the bud immediately. By feeling on top form throughout autumn will mean that you can stay active, feel wonderful and enjoy this vibrant season.


As we have just talked about, the change of season from summer to autumn can cause your immune system to be sluggish. For your body to be at its very best, any food needs to provide nutrition and for all nutrients to be extracted from food, your digestive system needs to be working efficiently. Our special offer for autumn, which starts on 1st September, is the Malay Navel Candling and Abdominal massage with back massage if perfect to clear your colon, ease any bloating, soothe any tension and allow all food to travel quickly so that nutrition is optimised.

The treatment begins with a soothing back massage to ease any tightness, then, once comfortable, we begin with a hot compress dumpling stomach massage to prepare and “warm-up” your colon ready for some lymphatic drainage massage. We light the navel candle which removes any emotion or tension through the thin abdominal membrane, sometimes customers feel their emotion release, dont worry if this happens , it is never healthy to hold onto worry. After the candle, we apply a clay mask to keep working on releasing toxins, you will enjoy a should and scalp massage to help you to relax further. At this stage you can add reflexology for an extras £10, please let me know when you book. After removing the mask, we perform a deeper colonic massage to make sure all blockages, toxins or emotion has been eased. We will cover you up so that your body can relax. After the treatment, please drink warm water to gently flush away any remaining toxins. Please eat light simple foods. No spice, meat and alcohol please for 48 hours.

The cost for this is £65 (plus £10 if you would like to add reflexology)


Warm Bamboo Massage with Express Facial £45

This massage uses warmed bamboo sticks to gently but effectively ease tense muscles, relax you whilst you enjoy an express facial which hydrates your complexion after summer.

At the end of September, you can book in for one (or both!!) or our Christmas 25th Anniversary Packages. Yes we will be celebrating 25 years of holistic therapy at the end of this year and its been a pleasure. So to celebrate, we would love you to come along on Friday 6th December from 5pm until 8pm for a glass of bubbly. (if our move happens before December, we will have this earlier as we think its important to happen in our little salon on Chester Road where it all began 25 years ago.. Just a hopeful project of mine whilst i was studying at South Cheshire College, how time has flown)

A few changes to tell you about!

As most of you know, we are up for sale. This is for many reasons but the main one being I want to take my foot off the pedal, slow down abit and do other things like training, expanding Helpmeorganics and looking after hedgehogs. I want to travel more.

As i get Simply relaxing ready for the big change coming our way, the gift vouchers will now only have a 6 month valid date and will be stopping fully on November 30th 2019. You can still pay for someone to have a treat but they must be booked an appointment at the time of purchase, i think this makes a more personal gift, maybe even arrange to bring them. From June 30th 2020, all vouchers will be void.

I have also withdrawn the course of 3 back, neck and shoulder massage and the 6 reflexology sessions, this has not worked and is causing lots of issues.

I am doing my best to keep things busy, this October 2019, we celebrate our 25 year in business. I have loved every minute and feel very lucky to have met so many lovely people. I am planning a celebration and more details will follow asap.

Linda x

The benefits of Ear Candles

During the winter months our sinuses can become active which can cause pressure to build leading to headaches.  For the last 20 years I have been promoting the use of Hopi ear candles as a natural therapy to clear any wax build up which can prevent the natural sinus drainage.
So how do they work?
Well it’s all down to physics really.  When the candle is lit, warm vapours of medicinal herbs of sage, St John’s wort and chamomile enter the ear, soften the wax so that the flame can provide a gentle suction to remove the wax,skin or hair.  This is trapped in the candle and solidifies when it cools.

After lymphatic face and scalp massage, your ears will feel clean, the pressure reduced.  However there are ocassions when you may need to repeat your treatment but I like to give your body ample opportunity to drain naturally .

Lymphatic drainage massage is an excellent therapy to have throughout winter as it really helps to keep you feeling healthy. Your lymph is not pumped round your body by your heart but by movement,  breathing  and massage so it really does help to clear a build up of toxins, boost your white  infection fighting blood cells.

Can anyone have the ear candles?
If you had grommets fitted or have a perforated ear drum, I would advise not having the candles but maybe consider reflexology instead.

If you are in the first and second trimester of your pregnancy, again I would prefer to use the Lymphatic facial massage to gently ease the pressure. In your third trimester you will be fine to have the candles.

If you have an ear infection, this must be cleared first as it will be painful.

What is the after care?
Just like a normal holistic therapy, drink water, don’t poke an ear bud into your ear as this forces the wax down into your ear canal, if they itch, 1-2 drops of olive oil will help soothe.

The Sinus Massage is our December Special Offer, it involves the wonderful ear candles, massage and reflexology for just £35.

Release your emotional side!!

Everybody has emotions, some are very good at holding them close, hidden away. Others wear their feelings on their chests, very vulnerable to upset.  But who is right??


Emotions can be happy, sad, frustrating, angry, jealous or on top of the World elated.  People hold their emotional state in various ways.  You can store worry in your stomachs, heads, chest, hormones, happiness tends to glow from your face (as does anger/frustration).  By allowing your emotional state to ease slowly, I mean if you are worried, your stomach hurts, try placing your hands on your tum, close your eyes and breathe, the action of moving your abdomen helps to release the anxiety thus making you feel better, lighter.

If you have a headache, there may be many reasons but sometimes if you have been storing your emotion in your head or thinking things through they can cause a build up of pressure.  In this case, try closing your eyes, concentrating on your breathing and try not to think of anything else but your breath.  The sheer motion of transferring your thoughts to the in and out of your breath actually stops your mind from worrying/over thinking and on most occasions , your pressure will have released and a clearer mind will show.

I have known people to show their emotional state through their skin, acne, excema  can (not always) be as a result of anxiety, it is therefore vital to find an outlet.  Some people like to run then go into a jog as they relax, others take a long soak to unwind. Whatever it takes try to release your emotions, come to terms that we all struggle at times but holding it in will only make things worse at the end.

So how can Holistic therapy help?

Essential oils are ideal to help counteract today’s busy lifestyle and life’s pressures.  Fill your home with the organic scent of aromatherapy, fill a bowl with water and drop 3-4 drops of a blend (we recommend Helpmeorganics Aromatherapy Blends), place your bowl in the hallway or landing so that the aroma gently diffuses around your house, relaxing, protecting or refreshing as they go.  Synthetic fragrance may smell nice but have no therapeutic benefits, you need pure organic aromatherapy for this.

If you love having long soaks in the bath, set the scene. Light your candle (we recommend Helpmeorganics Soy Candles infused with organic essential oils), fill your bath then just before you step in, pour in your cup of milk infused with 2 drops of our aromatherapy blend.  Spend your time inhaling the aroma. Afterwards apply our massage oils, pop on your pj’s and either watch a “easy watching programme”, read a good book or simply listen to some music.  You will sleep better and be ready for the next day.

Treatment wise, massage therapy is ideal to help you switch off, most massage techniques mimic the ebb & flow of the sea to allow you to relax.  By combining massage, soft lighting, gentle music and lovely aromas, we can help you to release any pressures.  Sometimes if you have had an operation, emotions connected with the illness or operation can become stuck, by using Navel candles, we can release your emotional state.  Reflexology is also brilliant at gently releasing any anxiety or upset within your body.

Give it a try, if you persistently struggle with headaches, IBS, PMS, skin outbreaks, we wholeheartedly recommend you embrace the wonderful world of aromatherapy.


Get ready for the Season change to Autumn

Here we are in August, just a couple of weeks to the August Bank holiday and it has been a gorgeous summer so far but Autumn is coming .  When we have a change in the season, your body can take time to adjust due to the changes in daylight amounts, am I the only one who feels the nights are a little longer. But before we find our jumpers there is a hopeful chance of an “Indian Summer” to come with those fabulous cool mornings, hot days but nippy evenings, I love them!


So what can we do to help ease our body into the new season?  There are many ways to gently boost your immunity,

  • make sure you are eating lots of fresh foods, not processed, just good wholesome veg, fruits and fish/chicken
  • start using essential oils in your home. try “help me, i’m feeling under the weather” blend from Helpmeorganics to provide a protective environment at home and work.  With the children returning to school in the following few weeks, they can bring home coughs & colds as they adjust to school life again. We can return to full time lives after the fun of summer so take a tissue with you to work to place at your work area to fight off the office bugs.
  • If you find the change in season causes a shift in your “happiness” level, Bach Flower remedy “Walnut” helps you to adjust to change, this added with using aromatherapy will protect you whilst you get used to Autumn.
  • Getting outside as much as possible enjoying fresh air and daylight to get a good dose of Vitamin D, otherwise known as the “sunshine vitamin”.
  • Enjoy holistic treatments, all will boost your serotonin levels, ease achy muscles and keep your sinuses clear. Reflexology is a brilliant therapy to create a balance within your body and on an emotional level too, it has been a beautiful summer so far and there can be a sadness that “it has gone now, just winter to come” feeling. Embrace Autumn, think hot chocolate, great piles of leaves, the fantastic colour show by the trees, all this is to be enjoyed.
  • In Mindfullness, we are encouraged to enjoy the “here and now”, not to worry about the past or the future, it is a wonderful way to control your feelings.  Simply get comfy, place your hands on your stomach and notice your breathing without the need to change anything, just allow your breathing to slow in its own pace, your mind will calm and you will feel relaxed.  If you struggle with anxiety, try using “help me have a Mindful of calm” blend by Helpmeorganics. It is a blend of Frankincense, Lavender and Geranium essential oils and will help ease your thoughts.
  • Make a mood board of all the things you enjoyed during summer and what you have planned for Autumn and Winter.  Pack it full of all sorts, the fuller the better and the colourful the better so that on a cold frosty winters day, you will have your own patch of summer in your kitchen.

At Simply Relaxing, we are busy getting ready for Autumn, I love this time of year its so busy.  To help you embrace Autumn, we have devised our special Autumnal Offer……



Malay (Indonesian) Navel Candling & Abdomen Detox Therapy is an extremely effective treatment. This abdominal and navel therapy belongs to the oldest form of therapy within the traditional Malay Medicine. The aim is to work the entire body by combining different  manual techniques such as Urut (massage) , herbs (applied externally) to abdomen, and navel candling in order to achieve a flow of Qi and blood along the meridians and organs and regulating them. By the help of this stimulation and regulation the functioning of the 4 elements (Malay organic system) is being restored

Traditional Malay Massage helps rid the body of excess ‘onion’ or wind helping to release negative energy.  The abdomen houses vital organs and is a very important part of the body. The abdominal cavity comprises of the stomach, diaphragm, colon, small intestine, liver, pancreas, and gall bladder. The health of the abdomen lies with the stomach, the digestion process and reproductive organs.

  • Abdominal massage is best for problems related to constipation.
  • It promotes elimination, and secretion of hormones.
  • It stimulates liver and gall-bladder.
  • It strengthens weak and relaxed abdominal muscles.
  • It breaks down adhesion’s.
  • It helps in aligning the pelvic bones.
  • It adjusts the uterus to its proper position in case of problems.
  • It releases muscular armoring in the trunk and enhance circulation of blood and lymphatic fluids.
  • It releases deep muscle tissue spasms in the entire abdominal area
  • Abdomen massage produces heat, which melts adipose tissue or fat.
  • It releases deep muscle tissue spasms in the entire abdominal area
  • Abdomen massage produces heat, which melts adipose tissue or fat.
  • General improvement in blood circulation benefits the blood vessels in the abdominal cavity.
  • The liver, the gall-bladder, and the pancreas receive a large share of oxygen and nutrients and release their metabolic waste products.
  • Abdomen massage helps open the abdominal cavity and release the fascia so the organs can lay unrestricted in their natural positions in the abdominal cavity.
  • Can lift the spirits and increase the energy of the receiver by stimulating the nerve endings in the abdominal plexus
  • Improves immune system & Metabolism
  • Improves irregular menstruation & Pain
  • Reduces Water Retention
  • Helps in gastric problem
  • Helps in Bloated Stomach
  • Improve Blood pressure
  • Helps Constipation

We have added reflexology to complete this immune boosting treatment, perfect to bring balance and a deep level of detox.

Just £45



June – the month to really celebrate summer

Today is the 1st of June, we are nearly half way through 2018, it seems to be going really fast or maybe thats just me!

The days are alot longer than the evenings which is excellent for our moods and feel good factor, make the most of the outdoors if you can, feel your body with vitamin D, fresh air and movement.  June is the perfect month to eat fresh foods, drink water and get active.  Walking is the best way to build a strong body without putting too much pressure on joints but the experts recommend weight bearing exercises to build strong bones.

In the salon, we are excited to offer you the fantastic Tibetan Acupressure Head massage with Express Facial this month, perfect if you struggle with hayfever, headaches, anxiety, back ache but it is also a lovely way to give yourself a treat.  If the weather is hot, this is the perfect treatment to have as there is minimal contact from me so that you do not overheat!!!  We have added an Express facial as your skin can become dry in the sunshine, all this for just £38.

As this June is the Football World Cup, we are having abit of fun, simply pop into the shop and draw a raffle ticket and if your team wins, you win the Tibetan massage, Just £1 and all proceeds go the The Donkey Sanctuary.

We have changed the Gift Vouchers.  We have noticed that alot of vouchers go unused which we feel is a shame.  From now on, you can still buy a voucher but also book them in too, they can change their appointment as long as it is within 30 days of your purchase.

Our shop/salon is “upforsale” but Simply and Helpmeorganics are moving.  I want to reduce my hours to 2/3 days per week with 2 maximum evenings, the reason being I am getting older and really want to work less.  Helpmeorganics was born from the recipes I have developed over nearly 30 years of holistic therapy and I would like to build on the last 2 years.  I also plan to teach therapists all the wonderful treatments that i have learnt over the years.  There are new therapies I plan to learn to so its not the end of Simply Relaxing, infact i will have more energy.  I will keep you informed as it goes through to moving day but i will be closing for 3-4 weeks once moved to get the new therapy room set up and for me to have a holiday.

Enjoy June, it is a wonderful month xx