How to get ready for autumn

The biggest change to your body and mind happens in September. We love the long sunny days, the feeling of the sun on our faces. As we progress through August, there is a change coming that we need to prepare for and I have some helpful tips for you….

  • Enjoy the morning sunshine as much as possible to allow your body to absorb vitamin d. they say the hours between 7am and 9am are when its best to do this, the sun is not too strong so you can sit outside without sun protection on. Your body needs magnesium, vitamin k and zinc to absorb the vitamin d. I like to eat my vitamins and minerals. Good sources are: Green leafy veg, eggs, meat especially turkey, nuts, seeds, shellfish, dairy, chickpeas, peas, beans.
  • Take photos of your days in the sun and make up a board of sunny days to lift you up through winter
  • get active to boost your lymphatic flow. Dancing, running, cycling, walking are all good
  • improve your diet by reducing the pre made foods and cook your meals from scratch. Freeze your leftovers
  • its a good time to lose weight and get fitter
  • learn a new past time which stimulates your brain
  • body brush to get your circulation
  • meditating is very helpful for anxiety. I love mindfulness and spend time just allowing my body to calm down
  • Fill your home with the scent of essential oils, they are little pockets of plant therapy to clear your sinuses, boost your mental wellbeing, calm and soothe you to sleep, rebalance and recharge.

Reflexology is superb at getting your body through this change of season, its helps to rebalance.

At the end of the day, if we embrace everything wonderful about each season, this will have no impact but if we worry about whats coming in the winter, this will make us fear what is a wonderful time of year. Autumn and Winter are times for boardgames, jumpers, cosy movie nights, frosty mornings followed by hot afternoons, long soaks in the bath, Strictly, Halloween/Bonfire night, Christmas and above all family time so embrace it, don’t worry about it xx

An Update on the Restrictions

From the 19th July, as we all know, there is a big relaxing of restrictions. I have been pondering what to do in the salon to make sure we are all safe but ease the guidelines a little. So here are the changes you will notice from next Monday

1 – I will(have to) still wear a face mask and visor but it is up to you if you wear a face mask. I would suggest wearing one to the shop then once in, please remove it if you want to.

2 – I will no longer be taking your temperature on arrival

3 – I will still send out the message the day before asking if you ve been in contact etc. Everyone seems to find it helpful as a reminder and also I get to know if you have a problem with your appointment in time to advertise the slot.

4 – At the moment, I leave a ventilation gap of the same time as your appointment. I am going to reduce this to 15 minutes however long your appointment is. I can easily clean whilst the window and door is open.

5 – I intend to reopen my shop to casual callers on a Monday and Friday. Tuesday and Thursday will stay closed to casual callers but if Monday and Fridays work, then I will review things. Please feel confident that I will sanitise my hands and will leave the shop door open whilst they are in and also make sure to help them as quick as possible. This will start from August 1st so that I can talk to everyone who books in on those days, that they are happy.

6 – Lets hope that it all goes well. If you are worried about anything please let me know. xx

Relax – Our Top Ten Tips

Simply Relaxing, as the name suggests if all about helping you relax and let go of everything for a little while but it is becoming clear to me that the last 18 months has taken its toll in many ways and I want to help. Here are my Top Ten Tips:

1 – Spending time outside with nature is very calming, many of you know that I am a big fan of hugging a big old tree but actually there is a little science behind my mad suggestion! A tree is anchored to the earth, therefore it creates a “grounding” effect which helps to release oxytocin, which is the hormone that help calm and relaxes you. Simply the action of hugging releases serotonin and dopamine which are feel-good hormones into your bloodstream. Did you know that if you struggle with upper body muscle tension, this act of hugging a tree stretches the upper body muscles. I am a Reiki therapist and believe that a tree is also anchored into the Universal Life Force, not religious at all, pure natural energy, it can only do you good.

2 – Enjoying a bath eases muscular tension, the warmth of the water soothes and calms nerve endings. Set the scene, light your candle (Helpmeorganics soy candles of course!), and put a little Epsom Salts. This is not a salt but a magnesium compound, Magnesium is very calming. Double-check on the packet if you have high blood pressure first.

3 – Back outside again, walking is very soothing and allows your brain to switch off even just for 15 minutes. You will find you start striding out then as you walk, your pace will slow as will your thoughts. Try walking in a natural surroundings to hear the birds and see the trees.

4 – I am a big fan of Mindfulness meditation. This doesn’t have to be crossed-legged on the floor, simply sitting still, noticing your breathing but not attempting to force anything allows your brain to switch off as all the focus is on your breath. This is a practise so try to do it regularly and you will look forward to your little bit of quiet.

5 – Of course, I am going to add having a massage, reflexology and/or a facial to this list but any Holistic treatment works on your Central Nervous System, soothing your parasympathetic nervous system which allows everything to calm. I use organic essential oils to help achieve relaxation.

6 – Include essential oils into your daily life. You choose how you do this but I love to use different scents for different rooms. In the bedroom, I suggest using a calming, destressing blend, either “help me, it’s way past my bedtime” or “help me have a mindful of calm”. Both are made with mind calming oils. Whereas in the living room, you want something uplifting but calming, I suggest either “help me feel fresh as a daisy” or “help me, apparently I need to chill out”, the scent is not quite as sleep inducing as the other two. If you are working from home, try using “help me they say exercise is good for you” in your office space, motivating, focusing and energising. You choose how you use the blends whether its a candle, room spray or essential oil blend.

7 – Catch up with friends and family. We have all craved this and realise just how important time with people we love is. So even though the restrictions are lifting, I would still suggest on a sunny day, meeting in the garden so that everyone is relaxed and happy. But, masks on, have a big hug, physical contact is so very important for relaxing us.

8 – Have a good sing. This is one of my favourites, if I’m feeling a little fed up, I pop on some Abba and sing my head off, more than likely completely out of tune but I don’t care. Singing delivers oxygen to your brain, releases feel good hormones and they say helps with memory.

9 – Get boogieing – Dancing is a fantastic exercise, you can go for it and properly move around but simply swaying helps to loosen you up, release tension and gets you smiling.

10 – Our last tip is to realise that nothing in life is perfect (except a snowflake), you can’t be good at everything and sometimes stress can be caused by taking on too much, finding it hard to say no and being a perfectionist. Write everything down to get it out of your head, most times the simple action of writing a list makes you realise that you could delegate most jobs.

I hope these tips help you to relax. I know that lots of my lovely customers have struggled through personal lost, medical shocks and proper battles which cannot be helped by the above completely. I believe that if you talk about what is worrying you, sometimes someone close to you, or a friendly holistic therapist, can shed a different light, help you through it and be your support.

Show your skin some love with a BodyScrub xx

Your skin has been covered up all winter and most of spring so its time to remove the dead skin cells and let your skin breathe. Having a bodyscrub in a salon is a more thorough exfoliation than you can do at home…..unless you have very long arms, there is no way you can scrub your back properly plus our scrub is nutritious too. Your skin will feel soft, velvety and very summery!

Hello Summer, we’ve missed you x

Its been a long winter and from listening to many customers, this winter seems to have had caused many problems, physical and emotional. Its so lovely that I have seen people for the third time now and the difference is wonderful. It may be the arrival of summer and the chance to get out and meet friends and family but I also believe that having that “me-time” gives you a chance to lower your shoulders and also your guard. Once inside the salon, no one can ask you anything, expect anything of you and, i hope, the smells and sounds of the salon get to work.

Summer is a time to be outside as much as possible, absorb the vitamin D, fill your body with summer air and enjoy the sunshine. I tell lots of customers to hug a tree. A tree has its roots in the earth, this is the Life Blood of all of us, it has the earths energy running through it and we harness the energy by wrapping our arms around the trunk. Basically you are having Reiki, an energy treatment. But dont forget to say thank you.

Summer is also a time for hayfever but there are many ways to help. Obviously an antihistamine is good but also placing bowls of water onto windowsills to catch the pollen granules. Do this after you have closed the window. Adding one to two drops of essential oils will add an additonal layer of therapy. We like Helpmeorganics “help me, i’m feeling under the weather” organic essential oil blend. Made with head clearing, sinus clearing oils, they will diffuse around your room without any need of heat. Some people recommend adding a small layer of balm to your nostrils to again capture the pollen granules.

Treatments which are good to help with hayfever are:

Sinus Massage involves an ear candle, lymphatic facial, scalp and shoulder massage and reflexology lymph drainage – by removing excess wax from the ears and sinuses, you allow your sinuses to naturally drain. The massage helps with this too. Reflexology is very helpful to soothe and calm the body as constantly sneezing, itchy sore eyes is not relaxing.

Eyezone Therapy is really good to calm and soothe your eyes, it is a facial which concentrates on the eye area. We end the treatment with reflexology, this has a soothing effect on your lymphatic system.

With all the restrictions easing a little, I have given this alot of thought and have decided to keep everything as normal in the salon. Please keep wearing your mask into the shop, apply hand santizer on entry and I will still keep asking my questions the day before you come. This has not gone but hopefully as more age groups get vaccinated, we will gain control of it.

Have a lovely summer and I look forward to seeing you soon, Linda xx

We can reopen from the 12th April :)

I am so happy that my little salon will be open again from the 12th April but there are strict rules I have to adhere to, as set out by the FHT:

1 – Maximum of 4 customers per day to allow for an hour’s ventilation between appointments. This changes if customers from the same household are having appointments on the same day/time period. This allows for the salon to be cleaned and ventilated for you.

2 – Please wear your face mask into the shop as this is an area when posties, delivery people come into. Once inside the salon, it is your choice if you keep your face mask on, the salon is cleaned, ventilated and only myself has access. I will be wearing both a face mask and shield along with an apron which is changed between customers.

3 – Gift vouchers will be valid until the 31st December 2021 regardless of when you received them but I am not issuing vouchers for now while I get through some of the vouchers in circulation.

4 – One thing I have learnt from this whole thing that it is important for me, as a therapist, to take time out for a daily walk, enjoy being outside so I will be taking “self care” breaks each week to boost my energy levels. This way I will be calm, energised for your treatments…hopefully!!

I have been contacting everyone who had their appointments cancelled and also the customers asking for an appointment but if you would like to book, please get in touch and I will do my best to get you in as soon as possible. I am very excited to see you and smell my oils again, the salon is cleaned and ready to welcome you back as I am xx

Some good news!

Yesterday we were given the “roadmap” to get open again. Simply Relaxing will reopen (hopefully if all goes well) on April 12th.

I will have all the same Covid safety measures in place ( max 4 customers per day with a gap big enough to properly ventilate and clean between)

If you can keep an eye on this website, I will post all the updates I am given here and on our facebook page.

I cant wait to see you xx

Lockdown 3, how did this happen

Here we are again in lockdown yet this time it feels different, or maybe thats just me. The first lockdown happened in spring so we could all enjoy the warm sunshine and potter about our gardens, keeping away from contact.

The second lockdown was in November, much harder as we were worrying about arrangements for Christmas but it was short so we coped.

This lockdown, open ended in January, feels much harder. Maybe we are aware of the severity more this time, maybe we are emotionally tired and maybe we are aware that the fabulous key workers are at their end too. Yet this time there is a vaccine, not just one but three coming to our aid. Then why does this feel much harder.

January is the darkest month of the year, the days are shorter, nights longer and its cold. But try and look around, have you noticed the bulbs are poking their heads out, it wont be long before we notice aconites, snowdrops, early crocus. Bumblebees will emerge desperate for food. Life begins to feel positive again, a new beginning and we must grab it with both sanitised hands!

If you are struggling with whats going on, spend time noticing how nature is once again trying to help. If you go for a walk, stop and listen, notice the buds on the trees are swelling. Signs are all around us that Spring is coming.

We must adhere to the rules, im sure everyone who reads this post is, Use essential oils in your home and workplace to protect, inspire, relax and calm you, they are little pockets of therapy and can be used in bowls of water, on tissues and in diffusers. Winter is a wonderful time to enjoy a soak in the bath, close your curtains and snuggle down to watch a good movie. Winter is a time to plan your garden, clear those cupboards now so you can enjoy spring and summer without worrying that is a job still to do.

Go over to and download the visionboard (its free) and start adding images which make you happy, images of places to visit, hobbies to learn, flowers to grow and people to see.

Afterall “spring will want to know what we did all winter”

Take care xx

Have a lovely Christmas

It wont be the same but it can still be enjoyable so lets embrace Christmas for its true meaning. Reflect on the good things, the positives as Christmas is all about a wonderful “Light”, the birth of our saviour. It is also a time for family, the look in a childs face is priceless, this year I think we should all forget what we cant have or do and enjoy the bits we can, spending time with people we love. After this year, our families and friends are worth celebrating, I am so sorry if you cannot be with people you love, it will be tough but good times are on the horizon i am sure.

It is important to keep healthy. Keep a 2m distance, wash hands, wear our masks. Using essential oils within the home can help to fight bacteria, viruses. Tea tree, eucalyptus, Lavender, peppermint are the four most powerful essential oils around and Helpmeorganics has combined them in “help me, i’m feeling under the weather” products. Use them in bowls of water placed around your home, room sprays to spray in the hallway, car and kitchen. Candles to burn after cooking. Fill your home with this antibacterial scent, my home does so consider using these powerhouses too