Autumn News!!

As we change from summer to autumn, this can be a diffcult change for our immune system. Be careful to protect yourself as your immune system can take a while to adjust, by making simple changes you can ward off coughs and colds.

1..Get outside as much as possible as this improves your sense of wellbeing, the fresh air keeps your airways open and the daylight (hopeful sunshine) provides vitamin D which becomes in shorter supply during winter.

2..Use Helpmeorganics “help me, i’m feeling under the weather” essential oil blend in big bowls around your home or in diffusers. Adjust the strength of aroma to suit you but we recommend starting with 1-2 drops and increase if you need to. The organic essential oils of peppermint, teatree, eucalyptus, lavender and tangering help to fight off viruses, are anti viral and anti bacterial , they will help to keep your sinuses clear. Available in the shop, online or via our etsy shop.

3..Have a regular holistic treatment, reflexology really helps to boost your immune system, gets your circulation moving, calms and soothes your nervous sysystem, helps to clear sinuses and improves your general happiness.

4..Having a massage using organic essential oils, really ensures that any muscular tension, trapped nerve or feeling of anxiety can be nipped in the bud immediately. By feeling on top form throughout autumn will mean that you can stay active, feel wonderful and enjoy this vibrant season.


As we have just talked about, the change of season from summer to autumn can cause your immune system to be sluggish. For your body to be at its very best, any food needs to provide nutrition and for all nutrients to be extracted from food, your digestive system needs to be working efficiently. Our special offer for autumn, which starts on 1st September, is the Malay Navel Candling and Abdominal massage with back massage if perfect to clear your colon, ease any bloating, soothe any tension and allow all food to travel quickly so that nutrition is optimised.

The treatment begins with a soothing back massage to ease any tightness, then, once comfortable, we begin with a hot compress dumpling stomach massage to prepare and “warm-up” your colon ready for some lymphatic drainage massage. We light the navel candle which removes any emotion or tension through the thin abdominal membrane, sometimes customers feel their emotion release, dont worry if this happens , it is never healthy to hold onto worry. After the candle, we apply a clay mask to keep working on releasing toxins, you will enjoy a should and scalp massage to help you to relax further. At this stage you can add reflexology for an extras £10, please let me know when you book. After removing the mask, we perform a deeper colonic massage to make sure all blockages, toxins or emotion has been eased. We will cover you up so that your body can relax. After the treatment, please drink warm water to gently flush away any remaining toxins. Please eat light simple foods. No spice, meat and alcohol please for 48 hours.

The cost for this is £65 (plus £10 if you would like to add reflexology)


Warm Bamboo Massage with Express Facial £45

This massage uses warmed bamboo sticks to gently but effectively ease tense muscles, relax you whilst you enjoy an express facial which hydrates your complexion after summer.

At the end of September, you can book in for one (or both!!) or our Christmas 25th Anniversary Packages. Yes we will be celebrating 25 years of holistic therapy at the end of this year and its been a pleasure. So to celebrate, we would love you to come along on Friday 6th December from 5pm until 8pm for a glass of bubbly. (if our move happens before December, we will have this earlier as we think its important to happen in our little salon on Chester Road where it all began 25 years ago.. Just a hopeful project of mine whilst i was studying at South Cheshire College, how time has flown)

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