August – the month of plenty!!!

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August is a wonderful month, we can still bathe in beautiful sunny days but you can also begin the feel a nip in the air and need a cardi to sit outside and watch the stars!  It is also the beginning of a change of season which you need to prepare your body for as I honestly believe our immune systems need support during this change and can cause problems if we dont.  August and September are perfect times to boost our immunity with good healthy food, getting as much daylight as possible and keeping active so that out lymphatic system is operating well.

This month our special offer is the Japanese Tsuboki Facial Acupressure massage, this works as a natural face lift by gently tapping and draining your facial muscles but its far more than that.  By tapping on your meridian lines, we send a surge of energy along the lines clearing any blockages, specialised massage on your back, neck, face and scalp also give a release leaving you feeling relaxed yet energised.  We leave you to relax with a collagen mask to replenish and hydrate your complexion, Just £40.  Next month, September is the last month to enjoy our “summer ready” collection so make sure you book your treat.  If you dont have enough time, we offer a Body exfoliation treatment for just £35.

I have been a massage therapist for nearly 30 years but from time to time I revisit my training for an original therapy that I learnt , this time I decided to retrain on the Manual Lymphatic Drainage massage, I decided to learn the Vodder technique which is World reknown as the best lymphatic massage.  Lymphatic Drainage is a gentle but very effective massage, clearing the build up of toxins, excess water and pollutants from your body.  Lymph is not pumped around by your heart, it gets pumped around by your breathing and activity but needs a hand at times.  I fell in love with this technique as I can work to resculpt and smooth your body, boosting your immunity as I go.  It is a 90 minute treatment and there will be a separate post for this marvellous therapy very soon as you can enjoy it from the end of September as our treatments move into the Winter collection.

With Helpmeorganics, we have been super busy getting our Gift range ready for you to treat yourself or your loved ones to for birthdays or Christmas.  They will be in the shop by the end of September although please bear with us as Claire is off to University in September and will be very busy settling in.  We have a couple of Helpmeorganics treatments available for you to enjoy,. Help me, I’m feeling under the weather will be available for you to book from the end of September and concentrates on boosting your immune system ready to fight off coughs and colds.  In November our help me, it’s way past my bedtime massage will be introduced, this will lull you into deep relaxation, a perfect way to remedy poor sleep or if you feel anxious.

On August Bank Holiday Monday, Helpmeorganics is attending the Family Fun Day and Gift Fair at Capesthorne House, near Macclesfield, it would be lovely to see you.  If you have enjoyed our summer collection “Help me bring sunshine to a cloudy day” and we are very happy that lots of you have, they will be available until the end of September (or as stocks last).  Our “Help me get in the Festive spirit” range will be available from the end of September, although we are not near Christmas yet (still enjoying sitting in the garden watching the stars i hope!!), we have blended a spicy blend which really fills your home with autumnal scents of citrus, ginger and fir.

It is very important to keep your sinuses clear and calm, having a regular Hopi Ear candle treatment or Reflexology session will certainly help to fight off the viruses.  The Helpmeorganics “Help me, I’m feeling under the weather” collection has all the essential oils to fill your homes to provide a protective bubble of eucalyptus, teatree, lavender, peppermint and tangerine.  Place 2-3 drops of our aromatherapy blend in a saucer of water on your windowsills which will get to work keeping you and your family healthy, I know if works as lots of customers have been astounded that they have not had a cold all winter last year which is wonderful, just £10.50 for 10ml.  Keep the Room spray at work or in your car to protect against workplace viruses, just £6.50.

August is a truly wonderful month, we hope you have a lovely time relaxing and enjoying nature.

Next month, our special offer is the every popular Prescriptive full Body massage, which involves a full body massage, energy balancing and reflexology, ideal to replenish your energy after the summer holidays.  Just £40