As the season changes to Autumn

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As the season changes to Autumn it is very important to prepare your body as the shortening days, cooler winds can lower your immune system and tighten your muscles .  We recommend spending time getting you body ready.

Firstly, fill your home with the protective aromas of Lavender, Eucalyptus, Tea Tree, Peppermint and Tangerine (Help me, i’m feeling under the weather range ), fill a saucer or bowl with a little water and pop 3-4 drops of our blend, the natural warmth in your home will encourage the oils to diffuse and gently give protection against colds and viruses throughout the autumn and winter months.

Hopi ear candles help to balance and clear your sinuses as they remove wax plugs which cause an increase in pressure, you can choose to enjoy our Sinus massage which comes with reflexology to boost your Lymphatic drainage system.    We offer Reflexology Lymph Drainage which is a wonderfully protective treatment, pumping and draining your lymph which naturally filters toxins and waste from your body and transport lymphocytes to areas of infection.

In September, we are very excited to introduce the first Helpmeorganics treatment and it is our Season Special offer,  we have developed help me, I’m feeling under the weather massage.  This is a new approach to massage, lymph drainage and body sculpting.

Lift your mood, boost your immunity, relieve fluid retention and sculpt your body with our specialised massage using a unique blend of movements alongside our exquisite detoxifying protective oil blend.

We begin with a hot foot cleanse,  deep foot massage to unplug your body and then reboot with a light body brush from head to toe which really get the circulation going and improve lymph drainage. Using organic unrefined oils of avocado, jojoba and camellia,  your body will relax whilst we work seamlessly to stimulate natural lymph drainage, smooth uneven skin and release blockages. 
Your body will feel recharged and your emotions balanced.
Our offer is to enjoy the 60 minute treatment for £55 although if you would like to add a Hot reflex massage, you can enjoy that for just £70

We have been very busy getting our Christmas 2017 campaign ready and you will beable to book your Christmas treatment from 30th September, they will be available on our website or you will probably be given a leaflet when you next pop into the salon!  Our gifts this year feature Helpmeorganics organic vegan products, delight your family and friends with our Gift tins which smell amazing.

Fill your home with the aromas of Christmas with Helpmeorganics “help me, get into the festive spirit” range of candles, room sprays and aromatherapy blends.  They will be in our shop and online from 1st October.

Autumn is a wonderful colourful time, wrap up warm, prepare your body for the years natural spectacle, there is no need to feel low.  Plenty of fresh air, good wholesome food, book in for our monthly special offers as we have carefully chosen them to help you through the year.

October will see the second Helpmeorganics treatment “help me, it’s way past my bedtime” is  the perfect treatment for those who struggle to sleep, or suffer from sleep deprivation, we will take your mind off your thoughts for a while.

This ritual begins with a hot foot cleanse,  gentle foot rocking and deep breathing techniques to allow you to drift off to sleep. By using rythmic long strokes mimicking the ebb and flow of the ocean, your mind will settle whilst you enjoy the dreamy blend of oils.  By using specialised lomilomi massage techniques, we work gently from head to toe. The 90 minute treatment comes with a hot reflex massage.
Be prepared to be lost in a tranquil state, ready for a restful nights sleep

The massage lasts for 60 minutes and will normally cost £65, but in October please enjoy for £55

I begin my discovery of Mindfullness from mid September, a complete side step to all my other courses over the years but I am really looking forward to learning to calm my mind and become aware of my thoughts, this will develop during 2018 to be introduced into Simply Relaxing but as I am learning myself I will speak further about my plans.

At the beginning of 2018, there will be a slight price increase over the treatment list, I do try and keep the costs down , the new price list will be available in the shop and online by the end of the year.

Here are a few dates for your diaries….

August bank holiday  Helpmeorganics is at Capesthorne Gift & Craft Fair  10am – 5pm

October 28th & 29th  Helpmeorganics is at Tatton Park Food & Gift Fair

December 1st & 2nd Christmas Shopping Event & Product launch evening   In our salon.

Christmas Weekend   Friday 22nd, 23rd and Christmas Eve – the perfect time to treat yourself