An Update on the Restrictions

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From the 19th July, as we all know, there is a big relaxing of restrictions. I have been pondering what to do in the salon to make sure we are all safe but ease the guidelines a little. So here are the changes you will notice from next Monday

1 – I will(have to) still wear a face mask and visor but it is up to you if you wear a face mask. I would suggest wearing one to the shop then once in, please remove it if you want to.

2 – I will no longer be taking your temperature on arrival

3 – I will still send out the message the day before asking if you ve been in contact etc. Everyone seems to find it helpful as a reminder and also I get to know if you have a problem with your appointment in time to advertise the slot.

4 – At the moment, I leave a ventilation gap of the same time as your appointment. I am going to reduce this to 15 minutes however long your appointment is. I can easily clean whilst the window and door is open.

5 – I intend to reopen my shop to casual callers on a Monday and Friday. Tuesday and Thursday will stay closed to casual callers but if Monday and Fridays work, then I will review things. Please feel confident that I will sanitise my hands and will leave the shop door open whilst they are in and also make sure to help them as quick as possible. This will start from August 1st so that I can talk to everyone who books in on those days, that they are happy.

6 – Lets hope that it all goes well. If you are worried about anything please let me know. xx

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